Tayshia Adams Reveals The Bachelorette Scenes That Were "Hard" to Watch With Fiancé Zac Clark

About a week after fans watched Tayshia Adams accept a proposal from Zac Clark, The Bachelorette star opened up about what it's been like to relive their journey to find love on TV.

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Watch: Tayshia & Zac React to Watching "The Bachelorette"

It's been more than a week since fans watched Tayshia Adams give her final rose to Zac Clark on The Bachelorette. But what was it like for the couple to see their journey to find love play out on TV? The 30-year-old reality star opened up about the topic during the Dec. 29th episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast.

"As far as, like, Zac watching it back, it did get really hard at times," she admitted to Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti. "And I think it's just because, like, he obviously watched it because his family was so excited so he wanted to, like, watch it back with them. Just at times, I think, hearing my conversations with other guys or, like, hearing how I was feeling in the moment was difficult. It's not normal."

However, Tayshia said having an "open line of communication" helped the pair. "The one thing that we have that's very, very solid is our communication," she explained. "No matter if it's going to hurt one another or whatever it's going to be, like, we definitely just hit it head-on and deal with what we had to deal with. We definitely had some serious conversations quite a few times."

Tayshia also joked she got a few "jabs in" when watching Zac with Clare Crawley, who was the Bachelorette before Tayshia stepped in as the new lead and left the show after falling in love with one of her suitors Dale Moss.

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When asked if there was one particular scene that "really set him off," Tayshia looked back at the fantasy suite dates and the conversations she had at the time, noting those were uncomfortable to watch. 

"It's also just not normal to watch multiple relationships with your fiancé," she reiterated. "So, it's hard."

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As fans will recall, Tayshia planned on having fantasy suite dates with her final three guys: Zac, Ivan Hall and Brendan Morais. However, Brendan left the show after admitting he still needed "time to heal" from his divorce. Ben Smith, who had already been sent home, then made a surprise return, and Tayshia ended her relationship with Ivan after they had an off-camera conversation about religion and realized they had different beliefs, resulting in Ben and Zac being her final two guys.

At one point during the podcast, Ashley asked Tayshia if she would have picked Brendan instead of Ben for her final two suitors had he not left the show and had Ben not come back. However, Tayshia said she wouldn't have changed her decision, noting she felt her relationship with Brendan had already "plateaued" and that she was concerned when he expressed hesitation over meeting her family during a lie detector test group date.

"Once I make a decision, I don't really go back on it," she said. "So, no."

Ultimately, Tayshia sent Ben home before the final rose ceremony and accepted a proposal from Zac. And while she may not have enjoyed watching every Bachelorette scene back, she acknowledged reliving the happy moments was fun. 

Now, she's excited to continue her journey with Zac. "He treats me like a frickin angel, and I never thought that I would ever have a man that would treat me as well as he does," she said while looking back at her life experiences. "But like, I feel like, now that I know what another person has treated me like I appreciate this 10 times more and I just want to, like, cherish that." 

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