Ayesha Curry Shares 2-Year-Old Son's Hilarious Mistake in Video Message to Stephen Curry

In an attempt to send a sweet family video to Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry had to handle their son Canon W. Jack repeatedly making one small yet adorable mistake.

By Mona Thomas Dec 30, 2020 5:47 PMTags
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Who knew the Curry family could get any more adorable?

On Wednesday, Dec. 30 Ayesha Curry took to her Instagram to share one of the blooper reels from her and her children—Riley Elizabeth, 8, Ryan Carson, 5, and Canon Wardell Jack, 2, —trying to record a Christmas Day video for their dad, Steph Curry, who was playing in an NBA game at the time.

"We recorded a Christmas Day Game video for @stephencurry30 last week," she wrote in the caption, "and definitely had to do it like 20 times... CANON JACK!!! (the girls faces at the end have me rolling)."

During the video, while everyone shouted, "Merry Christmas, Daddy!" baby Canon said, "Merry, Christmas, wee-wee!" Immediately, Ayesha caught the mistake and told the videographer that they'll have to rerecord because of the slip, which made Riley and Ryan hilariously gasp.

Of course, Steph would have appreciated the video nonetheless, especially since he's been bonding with the children during quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Back in September, the proud mom sat down with Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show and gushed about how her husband of nine years really stepped up with the home learning for the kids.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Winning Family

"Stephen has really stepped in with the education and their schooling and I'm OK with that," the cookbook author told the day-time host. "Because I said, you know, 'I birthed them so now you can birth and nurture their education.'" 

She continued, "He's making up for lost time to be quite frank. Because he would sleep through all the diaper changes in the late nights when they were babies so now this is his strong suit."

The Golden State Warrior point guard also shoots for super husband status. In October, when Ayesha debuted a bold, new blonde hair color, Steph was one of the first people on social media to comment on the ‘do.

""You beautiful baby. And don't you let anybody tell you differently ok?" he wrote under the Instagram photo. "I mean it. There's just a bunch of meanies out there and I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. Do you boo boo. P.S. If the wig falls off I won't tell anybody, I promise. Pinky promise. It be hilarious though, but won't anybody know. Wait- that's been you in this bed the whole time??? I ain't even know. Now I'm tripping [eyes emoji] [crying laughing emoji]."