Alec Baldwin Tells Critic to "Go F--k Yourself" Amid Hilaria Baldwin Controversy

Amid accusations about Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin took to social media to defend his wife. Scroll on for his comments to critics.

By Jess Cohen Dec 29, 2020 12:53 PMTags
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Alec Baldwin is firing back at critics amid accusations about his wife Hilaria Baldwin.

The 30 Rock actor, who recently defended the author over claims she's faking her Spanish accent, returned to social media to stand up for her once again. On Monday, Dec. 28, Alec posted a Mark Twain quote on Instagram which states, "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

The controversy involving Hilaria was sparked by a recent Twitter thread that went viral, in which it was also alleged she went by the name Hillary while growing up in Massachusetts. In the comments of Alec's post, many social media users decided to weigh on in the claims about Hilaria. "Like your wife being Spanish when she lived in Massachusetts her entire life," one Instagram user wrote. "I take it her accent is fake as well? FRAUDS!"

After reading this accusation, Alec replied to the comment, writing, "Go f--k yourself."

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In a separate comment, another social media user wrote, "She wanted to reinvent herself - so what ? Isnt America all about that ? Just please stop insulting people who can see clear facts. Non of her parents is Spanish. She is not Spanish. She admires and loves Spain so much that she reinveted herself as a Spanish woman while many were hiding fact that they are Latino. So there are many ways to defend this - saying that facts are not facts is not one."

Alec then set the record straight, replying to the comment, "She was born in Boston but grew up in Spain. You got it?"


Over the weekend, Hilaria took to social media to defend herself against the accusations. "If I've been speaking a lot of Spanish, I tend to mix them and if I'm speaking more English...then I mix that," the mom of five said in a video message. "It's one of those things that's always been a little bit, I've been a little insecure about."

"I try to speak more clearly in each language," she went on to say. "I think that that's something that I should try to do but sometimes I mess it up and it's not something that I'm like, playing at, so I want that to be very, very, very clear."

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Hilaria went on to express her wish to be left alone by critics. "There's nothing wrong with me and I'm not going to apologize for the amount of time that I spent in two countries," she shared in the video. "And I'm not going to apologize for the fact that I speak two languages and I'm not going to apologize for the fact that I have two versions of my name."