Nikki Bella and Baby Son Matteo Are Twinning in Matching Star Wars Christmas Pajamas

Twinning! Total Bellas star Nikki Bella is celebrating her first Christmas as a mom and wore matching Star Wars-themed Christmas pajamas with her son, Matteo.

By Corinne Heller Dec 26, 2020 12:50 AMTags
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The Force is strong with these two! Nikki Bella is celebrating her first Christmas as a mom and is twinning with her little man.

On Friday, Christmas Day, the 37-year-old Total Bellas star posted on her Instagram page a video showing her holding 4-month-old son Matteo Chigvintsev, her and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev's first child. Nikki, 37, and the child are wearing matching Star Wars-themed Christmas pajamas.

"Good morning everyone. Say 'Merry Christmas,' Matteo. Did you match Mommy?" Nikki said. "We're in our Star Wars—for Daddy—Christmas pajamas. I feel bad, matching ones for Daddy were sold out, so Daddy's in another one. Say Merry Christmas! Yay! Happy birthday, Jesus!"

Artem, 38, later posted on his own Instagram page a selfie showing himself dressed in a light Star Wars top and cuddling with Nikki and Matteo. He wrote, "Merry Christmas from our little family to yours."

On Halloween, Nikki shared a photo of baby Matteo dressed as Grogu, aka The Child, aka "Baby Yoda," from Disney+'s Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian.

Nikki's twin sister and Total Bellas co-star Brie Bella, who welcomed her second child Buddy Danielson a day after Nikki, also posted a sweet family pic on Christmas Day.

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In the pic, her husband Daniel Bryan holds and kisses the child in front a Christmas tree and a pile of gifts while the couple's eldest daughter Birdie Danielson, 3, sits on the floor hugging her dad's legs. All three are dressed in red plaid and black outfits.

Brie wrote, "Best gifts I've ever been given are these 3!!!"

See photos of Bella twins' family Christmas photos and other adorable pics of their sons below:

Already Besties

Brie wrote in May 2021, "BFF's for Life."

Brie, Birdie and Buddy

"We all woke up late but just in time for the inauguration," Brie Bella wrote in January 2021. "First time I get to sit with my kids and explain it all to them!!! Bird said she wants Gaga's dresses!! Such a special day!!"

Napping Mentor

Brie revealed on Instagram, "Birdie telling Buddy all about sleeping on his own in his room. I can't believe the time has come!! My active rolling little boy is growing so fast!!!"

Vineyard Walks

Nikki Bella captioned this tender photo of herself and Matteo Chigvintsev, "Mama + Teo vineyard walks."

Buddy and Grandma

Brie shared this picture of Buddy and grandma Kathy Colace Laurinaitis on Jan. 7.

Messy Matteo

Alongside this sweet pic of Matteo, Nikki stated, "My Sweet Potato King."

Over 23 Weeks

Nikki wrote, "Can't believe our baby boy is a few days over 23 weeks".

Channeling His Mama

"Shared this with some friends," Nikki penned online. "Teo is becoming a lot like his Mama! Facials exact! lol"

The Russian Love and the Russian Bear

Nikki shared on this Instagram snap, "My Russian Love & My Russian Bear".

Happy New Year

"Ringing in the New Year with these Party Animals!!!" Brie wrote on Instagram. "Happy New Year's Bella Army."

Matteo's First Christmas

Artem Chigvintsev shared this photo of him and Nikki Bella with their baby boy on Christmas Day 2020.

Buddy's First Christmas

Brie Bella posted this photo of husband Daniel Bryan and kids Birdie Danielson and Buddy Danielson on Christmas Day 2020.

Buddy's Smile

On this Buddy update, Brie wrote, "Happy face slowly into the please stop taking my picture face!!"

Baby Talk

Brie Bella's husband Daniel Bryan shared this adorable photo of the boys a week before Christmas 2020.

Bonding Boys

Matteo Chigvintsev and Buddy Danielson get some quality time together in this December 2020 pic.

Casual Cuties

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev kept it casual while watching the boys.

Family Fun

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's son was all smiles while being held by aunt Nikki.

Funny Face

We're loving little Buddy's face in this photo.


Artem feigned surprise for a bit with baby Buddy.

Baby's First Christmas Card

Nikki Bella's holds son Matteo Chigvintsev as they post for his first Christmas card.

Brie's Boys

Brie Bella's husband Daniel Bryan holds their son Buddy Danielson.

Tummy Time

Brie Bella's baby boy Buddy Danielson shows off remarkably good neck muscle control for his age (3 months).

Nikki and Matteo Time

Mama is hilarious!


Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's son Buddy Danielson gets his football on.

Hanging Out

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's son Matteo Chigvintsev hangs out in his bouncer. 

Siblings Bond

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's daughter Birdie Danielson holds her brother Buddy Danielson.

Little Man

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's son Matteo Chigvintsev strikes a pose.

Listen Mom, Activity Mats Are Hard

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's son Buddy Danielson practices his grabbing and rolling skills.

Sitting Nicely

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's son Matteo Chigvintsev sits up.


At age 3, it is understandable that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's daughter Birdie Danielson would find Mega Bloks far more interesting than her baby brother Buddy Danielson.

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