Prince Harry's Ex Cressida Bonas Details Her "Imperfect Yet Perfect" Lockdown Wedding

In a recent article for The Spectator, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas wrote in detail about her lockdown wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cressida Bonas is opening up about her lockdown wedding.

In a recent article for The Spectatorthe actress and former girlfriend of Prince Harry detailed her experience of getting married to Harry Wentworth-Stanley amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I had a lockdown wedding. A 30-person, socially-distanced, sanitised church service was organised in under two weeks," she wrote. "Restrictions meant no hymns, no wind instruments and no speaking too loudly. A disappointment for a musical family. Not what we'd envisaged, but a more intimate and special day than we could ever have imagined. Imperfect yet perfect — a day we will never forget."

The Tulip Fever star also shared how she recycled a dress for the ceremony. "Four days before the big day, I marched up and down Oxford Street on the hunt for a wedding dress," she recalled. "Finding nothing, I remembered an old Whistles dress I once wore for a James Arthur music video. I went home and found the dusty frock at the back of my cupboard. After some ironing, it looked good as new."

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She also faced a few challenges, including waking up with a stye on her eye two days before the wedding and getting lost on the way to the church. "We drove up and down a dual carriageway several times before eventually arriving at the church 40 minutes late," the bride remembered. "My dad seemed strangely quiet and I asked him if he was all right. He said: ‘It's just like taking Sheba [his dog] to the vet.' He didn't want to do it, but knew he had to. He is very fond of my husband, Harry, by the way. But he didn't want to let his daughter go."

Cressida described the ceremony as "moving despite the lack of hymns," which were "replaced with readings and some beautiful piano playing by Harry's and my siblings."

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And while the wedding might not have been what she originally imagined, Cressida noted it was still memorable in its own way. "We'd talk about the party, the guest list, the cake, people's expectations, what it should or shouldn't look like," she recalled. "Having a small portion of Harry's and my family in the church made it just simply special."

And it looks like she's looking forward to their life together. "After the service, swapping heels for trainers, we rode away on horses," she wrote. "At first my horse looked at me nervously. He didn't seem keen on my dress. Once finally aloft, with hearts full, we rode off into the stormy weather and into our future life."