Tayshia Adams Has No Regrets and a One-Way Ticket to New York After Bachelorette Finale Engagement

Engaged Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark talk future plans and what it was like to watch the show, together and apart.

By Lauren Piester Dec 23, 2020 8:49 PMTags
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After so many seasons of failed engagements, horrible awkward breakups and angry mothers, it sure is nice to end a season of the Bachelor franchise so...happily. 

On last night's finale, Tayshia Adams got engaged to Zac Clark and it was the least weird or skeptical we've felt about one of these finales in years. Tayshia clearly knew what she was doing, Zac clearly was very into her, and the pair of them looked absolutely thrilled. We were thrilled to have gotten an ending that didn't feel icky. 

The future looks bright for the couple, and that future is getting started right away according to them. After months of going back and forth incognito between LA and New York, Tayshia's headed to New York to be with her new fiancé. 

"I don't have a return ticket at the moment," she told E! News. "So it's working now for us."

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As for what's next, the pair is looking forward to the day the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a problem. 

"The one-way ticket to New York is an amazing start, and we're gonna take it from there," Zac said. "I think in 2021 we're gonna focus on building off of this special foundation that we've already created...and we're gonna have a big ass party in 2022."  

Tayshia and Zac were only able to be physically together for small amounts of time over the past few months after the proposal, and mostly had to watch the show separately. She said that watching it just gave her more validation that Zac was the one.

"He always told me that he was all in, but it's very different hearing him in his like in his own setting in his interviews like how committed he really was from like the get go," she said. "It was really reassuring and I don't know, it made me feel really good. Like it made it validated the reasons like why I was like kind of falling for him at that time." 

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While Tayshia was really impressed by how Zac interacted with her family, he recalled that he first realized how real things were on the ferris wheel, and then during the fantasy suite date. 

"I knew we were getting closer the night of the fantasy suites—not for reasons you might think, but we had some pretty meaningful conversations and then Tayshia kind of fell asleep in my arms round 4 a.m. and there was no need to keep her up. There's no need to talk about anything else, like it was just this very peaceful, beautiful kind of moment that for me solidified that we were moving in the right direction." 

In the end, Tayshia said she has no regrets and everything ended as it was supposed to, but she still might not be able to revisit a certain resort in Palm Springs ever again. 

"I think it served its purpose for me," she said of La Quinta, her home for the duration of Bachelorette filming. "He wants to go back almost annually...I don't know. We'll see. Ask me next year." 

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