The Bachelorette's Ivan Hall Reveals Why Tayshia Adams Sent Him Home Over Religious Reasons

Tayshia Adams sent Ivan Hall home on The Bachelorette finale over religion, despite the two never discussing their beliefs on camera. Read on for more details.

By Kaitlin Reilly Dec 23, 2020 6:25 PMTags

Ivan Hall has some clarification for fans shocked by his Bachelorette exit over religious reasons. 

While only one man can get Tayshia Adams' final rose, fans were surprised when she chose to send Ivan home during The Bachelorette finale. When deciding whether to hand a rose to Ivan, the recently returned Ben Smith or eventual winner Zac Clark, the reality star said that after discussing some serious topics with Ivan, she learned they have major religious differences. As her religion intersects with her "morals and my beliefs," she decided to send Ivan home. 

"I was definitely struggling with bringing it up, 'cause, you know, all the girls I have dated in the past, it never ended because of religion or anything, but I know that's something that's important to you," Ivan told Tayshia, adding that he wished he had brought up religion earlier in their courtship. 

Yet, on camera, Tayshia and Ivan never spoke of religious differences, which is why, for many fans, the issue came out of left field. However, on Bachelor Nation's Caila Quinn's Instagram Story, he spilled a little more tea about the situation. 

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"She only wants to date a Christian and I'm not religious," he explained. "I'm open to and have dated any religion."

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Many Bachelor Nation fans were confused as to why they were just now hearing that religion was non-negotiable for Tayshia.

"that conversation with tayshia and ivan was so forced and so out of left field it doesn't make sense," one fan tweeted. "just seemed like an excuse to keep ben. religion wasn't even brought up until right now.....I don't get it."

Another pointed out that Tayshia and her new fiancé Zac also have major differences, writing, "Tayshia let Ivan go because they differed on religions but Zac doesn't want kids and she wants 50. Make it make sense. We KNOW what's the real tea."

However, some fans defended Tayshia, even if her decision was surprising in the moment. 

"Morals, values, religion... all important things you want to line up with a partner," another wrote. "I respect Tayshia for being so honest about sending Ivan home due to differences of religion— even though I'm sad to see him go."

Fans may still be confused about Ivan heading home, but ultimately, it was Zac who won Tayshia's heart. All's well that ends well!

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