Christmas Queen Danica McKellar Expertly Sums Up Why We Love Hallmark Holiday Movies

By Allison Crist Dec 18, 2020 8:13 PMTags

If you love the holidays but reach the end of December without having seen a minimum of three Hallmark movies with Danica McKellar, you're doing something wrong.

The Christmas queen herself stopped by Friday, Dec. 18's Daily Pop to talk all about this year's slate of festive films, one of which she penned and starred in: Christmas She Wrote

"I love being a part of movies that make people feel so good, especially around the holidays," Danica told E! co-hosts Morgan Stewart, Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester. "And especially this year I feel like we need holiday romance."

Added the 45-year-old actress, "You know, I was a part of a lot of people's childhoods, and now I get to sort of continue that warm and fuzzy thing with these Hallmark Channel movies. And I just feel so grateful to be a part of them."

Danica is actually one of the many former child stars known to frequent the Hallmark film scene.

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Others include Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert, and according to Danica, she's been asked by "so many people" if she'd ever consider starring in a film alongside them.

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"I mean, I would totally be down for it, but these stories are all very similar," Danica explained. "It's a romantic comedy and you're watching one woman's journey through finding love again when it seems like it's too late for her."

The star continued, "Let's face it, none of us are 20 years old. And so it's great, you're a woman who's got a career, you're well established, but gosh, you just never quite found love. And so these movies provide hope, and it's a fantasy, right? It's a fantasy of what life could still be. It's just—I love it."

We couldn't have put it better ourselves!

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Hear all about Danica's family holiday traditions and her new book The Times Machine!—her latest in a series of instructional texts the combine her "love of entertainment" with her "love of mathematics—in the above Daily Pop clip.

Catch Christmas She Wrote on Dec. 25 on the Hallmark Channel.

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