Tarik Greets Hazel As She Finally Arrives in the U.S. in 90 Day Fiancé Sneak Peek

Tarik and Hazel are finally reunited, but he's afraid he messed up in a clip from the Sunday, Dec. 20 episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

By Lauren Piester Dec 18, 2020 6:54 PMTags

Sometimes there's nothing like watching people reunite after a long time apart, even when one of them has a secret that might screw it all up.

On this week's 90 Day Fiancé, Hazel is finally arriving in the U.S. and Tarik is absolutely thrilled. He dressed up, he bought a bouquet of flowers and he's grinning ear to ear as he waits for his fiancé to finally appear at the top of the escalator. When she does, she looks just as happy, but of course this is 90 Day Fiancé so there's something going on that could immediately ruin this happy reunion. 

As Tarik explains in the exclusive sneak peek above, he and Hazel once shared a girlfriend who she wanted to cut off all communication with. 

"I'm excited, but at the same time, I'm nervous because I probably messed up," he says. "Hazel's bisexual, and we have an ex-girlfriend named Minty. Hazel's basically forbidden me from all communication with Minty after our breakup a year and a half ago, but a few weeks ago, I reached out to her because I was worried about her." 

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Tarik says he knows he can't keep this secret from Hazel forever, but he's not ready to spill just yet. 

"I know I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and tell Hazel that I reached out to Minty at some time, but not her first night in America," he explains. 


This is the longest amount of time Tarik and Hazel have been apart in the more than two years they've been together, and as he says, his stomach is "in pretzels." 

We'll have to wait to find out how long his secret can stay a secret, and how Hazel reacts in the end. Something tells us she's not going to be thrilled. 

Keep up with all the season eight couples below!

Hazel and Tarik

When we last caught up Tarik (46, VA) and Hazel (28, Phillipines) on Before the 90 Days, Tarik had traveled to meet Hazel in person and did everything he could to try and fit into her culture. We saw them get engaged with a romantic proposal and saw Tarik head back to the U.S. Now, Hazel is moving to begin her 90 days with plans to bring her 8-year-old son Harry to America as soon as she can. After revealing that she is bisexual, Hazel now plans to find an American girlfriend to add to she and Tarik's relationship. However, we find out a bit about Tarik and Hazel's past that complicates this idea.

Brandon and Julia

Brandon (27, VA) was first introduced to Julia (26, Russia) when his friend saw her go-go dancing in a club and decided to video chat Brandon so the two could meet virtually. Despite their distance and very different lifestyles, Brandon working and living on his parents' farm and Julia, a city girl working as a go-go dancer, the pair hit it off instantly, and Brandon was smitten. After only five months and one meeting in person, they met up for a second time in Iceland and Brandon proposed. Now they are getting ready for Julia to move to the U.S., but after all of the money he has spent on the relationship so far, the couple will need to live with his parents for a little while so that they can save up and eventually find a place of their own. Brandon's parents are happy that he's finally met someone but they hope that Julia will be okay with their conservative rules and be open to pitching in to help out on the farm.

Mike and Natalie

Last season we met Mike (35, WA) and Natalie (35, Ukraine) after they were introduced by mutual friends. They fell in love, but we also watched them deal with everything from trust issues, major differences and uncertainty about their own feelings. Despite everything, their love for each other encouraged them to apply for the K-1 Visa and Mike went to the Ukraine while they waited for it to process. This time around things are moving quickly as Natalie finds out that she must move to the U.S. within 20 days of receiving her visa. With how they left things last time, Mike is taken aback that everything is moving so fast and wonders if they'll be able to sort out all of their issues with only 90 days to commit to marriage.

Stephanie and Ryan

Stephanie (52, MI) has devoted so much of her life to her two spa businesses that she's never been in a serious relationship. During a vacation in Belize, Stephanie met Ryan (27, Belize) on the beach and the two sparked up a conversation. After so many years of living the single life, Stephanie feels that Ryan is the one and hopes to finally settle down with him. Stephanie spoils Ryan with gifts and supports him and his family with their rent, however, they bicker over his flirtatious tendencies but Ryan believes he's not doing anything wrong while Stephanie becomes jealous. She has hopes that Ryan will mature when he arrives in the U.S. but her friends and family worry that he is only in it for the opportunities and support Stephanie provides him.

Andrew and Amira

Andrew (32, CA) created an online dating profile when he decided that he was ready to settle down and start a family. He heard from many women and almost overlooked Amira's (28, France) brief message but reached out to her. They both felt an instant connection and made plans to meet for a romantic week in Las Vegas, where Andrew proposed. Afterwards, they filed for the K-1 Visa and got approved, but find that they must go to great lengths getting Amira into the U.S. during Covid-19 before their visa expires.

Yara and Jovi

While traveling solo around the world, Jovi (29, LA) decided to download a travel app to meet new people. When he matched with Yara (25, Ukraine), he wasn't expecting anything more than a hook-up, but they instantly had a connection and continued to travel together. Six months into their relationship, Yara found out she was pregnant, Jovi proposed and they filed for the K-1 Visa. Sadly, Yara had a miscarriage, but the whole experience strengthened their feelings and commitment. Now Yara is getting ready to move stateside, but Jovi's mother wonders if she'll be able to fit in with his wild outdoor lifestyle and his friends wonder if he's serious about giving up the bachelor life.

Rebecca and Zied

Last time we caught up with Rebecca (49, CA) and Zied (27, Tunisia) in Before the 90 Days, they became engaged and were starting the K-1 Visa process. Now, Rebecca is anxiously awaiting the final step in the K-1 Visa process—Zied's interview. If everything goes as planned, Zied will be on his way to the U.S. Rebecca has gotten a new job and is working overtime to support Zied financially when he arrives. Like last time, Zied's conservative religious beliefs create conflict in their relationship, causing Rebecca to be suspicious that she is being scammed again. Rebecca's daughter Tiffany and her boyfriend Micah worry that Rebecca is making the same mistake again and that this relationship, like her last marriage with a foreigner, will not work out.

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