RHOD's Tiffany Moon Sounds Off on Brandi Redmond's Racist Video Controversy

The Real Housewives of Dallas' new star revealed what she said to Brandi after the clip of her impersonating an Asian woman resurfaced.

By Brett Malec Jan 05, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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Turning controversy into a "teachable moment."

The Real Housewives of Dallas' Dr. Tiffany Moon is sounding off on co-star Brandi Redmond's past offensive video, which showed the reality star impersonating an "Asian" woman because she has "squinty" eyes. The 2017 video resurfaced on social media in January 2019 after season four of RHOD, prompting allegations of insensitivity and racism from fans and causing Brandi to check into a wellness center to "reflect and better herself" in addition to issuing a public apology.

Now, RHOD's newest Housewife is revealing how she felt about Brandi's actions.

"That video came out after the last season had finished," Tiffany told E! News exclusively ahead of tonight's season five premiere. "It had nothing to do with me really, but I felt responsible to address Brandi for it because I think when she did it, she didn't mean any harm and she didn't know how her words and actions could be interpreted by many people such as myself as hurtful or bringing back memories of being called certain names and told that I have slanty eyes and things like that. So I wanted to address her personally. We did it just she and I because I wanted her to know even though sometimes you don't mean harm with your actions and words, that they can be hurtful."

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"We really just made it a teachable moment," Tiffany added. "But I felt no need to berate her or make her feel worse or suffer because I think it was very clear to me that she was sorry for what she did and she had learned her lesson. So I think the viewers will get to see all of that pan out this season."

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So did Tiffany and Brandi's heart-to-heart bring them closer together this season?

"Yeah, in some ways it did. Probably not at the beginning because we kinda had to let the dust settle," she admitted. "It was such an emotionally charged conversation. For me, it brought back so many memories of being picked on when I was little and for her because she was so sorry and she didn't know the extent to which her words could hurt people. So after we let the dust settle from that conversation I think then we were able to sort of move our friendship forward."

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