Meet Tiffany Moon: Everything to Know About The Real Housewives of Dallas Newbie

The Dallas doctor and anesthesiologist opens up about her shocking childhood, drama with her Bravo co-stars and more!

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Say hello to Dr. Tiffany Moon!

The Real Housewives of Dallas' newest cast member is spilling all the scoop on season five drama, her co-stars and more in an exclusive interview with E! News. But first, let's get to know the newest Texas Housewife on the scene.

Here's everything you need to know about RHOD's new star.

She's the Real Housewives' First M.D.

The Dallas-based anesthesiologist is actually the Real Housewives' first-ever medical doctor in Bravo history. She graduated medical school at the very young age of 23.

She Has a Family

Tiffany is married to husband Daniel Moon and they have twin daughters.

She Was Born in China

Recounting her tough upbringing, Tiffany told E!, "My parents left me in China when I was three years old to try to come to America and make things work. So I met them when I was six years old at JFK airport having been flown by myself with a very nice flight attendant from Beijing to JFK. So it was a rocky start with my parents because I had not seen them for three years. I did not know who they were, they did not know who I was. I started first grade not knowing a lick of English."

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She added, "So you can imagine, it was not the six-year-old life that my children right now have. We struggled a lot with money, my parents fought a lot. I had trouble learning English and dealt with some bullying in school, both verbally and occasionally physically. So my childhood was not all rainbows and ponies."

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She Has Drama Kary Brittingham This Season

"I think we got off to a rough start, a rocky start for Kary and I," Tiffany shared. "We misunderstood each other a little bit. Her idea of a good time is not necessarily my idea of a good time. I don't know if you saw the trailer but she pushed me into a swimming pool with all my clothes on and I wear expensive clothes. So that was another dry-cleaning bill that I had to handle. So we did get off on the wrong foot but I think overall during the season we came to understand each other a little bit better."

She's Friends With D'Andra (and Mama Dee)

Tiffany actually appeared in a season 4 episode of RHOD alongside D'Andra Simmons' mom and fan-favorite Mama Dee. "I knew D'Andra and she shares her mama, Mama Dee, with me. I call mama Dee when I'm having a bad day and need some straight to it advice because you know she don't beat around the bush too much. She says, ‘Look here Tiffany, this is what you're going to do!' So I knew D'Andra going into the show."

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She Loves Fashion, Just Like Kameron Wescott

"Kameron I knew peripherally. She has a wonderful fashion sense," Tiffany dished. "She and I kind of coined this term 'Pink Posse' because I also love the color pink and I said, ‘You may be the pink queen Kameron, but other people are allowed to like the color pink so you're going to have to share a little bit now, OK?'"

She Worked Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

"I continued to work as a full-time anesthesiologist during the pandemic. I never missed a day of work, I never was a day late, called in sick, none of that," she revealed. "And I continued to provide the excellent care that I provide to my patients throughout the pandemic. You think it's all pandemic but you forget people still have cancer, people still get bowel obstructions, people still get in car accidents and have their femurs broken and need to come to the O.R. So I did my job during the pandemic every day just like I always did it before, except with a whole lot more PPE on. I came home a little sweatier."

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Why She Joined the Show

"I wanted to join because it was something that I had never done before," Tiffany told E!. "I've always been a book nerd, always in medical school. I graduated with my medical degree when I was 23 years old, I met my husband, did my residency, got married, I had twins. I've always done everything exactly as it was expected of me and perfectly executed. And I just thought, ‘When do I get to do something for me?' Not that going to medical school and getting married and having kids wasn't wonderful, because I love all of those things, that's my life. But like, ‘When do I get to have a little adventure?' So when D'Andra asked me to come along on this fabulous adventure with her, I really couldn't turn it down because I thought this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity."

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