Christian Serratos Has the Perfect Comeback to People Who Say She Has a "Boy's Name"

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Christian Serratos recalled the comments she received about her name—and how she had the best response. Watch here.

By Elyse Dupre Dec 15, 2020 1:45 PMTags
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Christian Serratos is a big name in Hollywood—and she's proud of it, too. 

The 30-year-old actress opened up about why she loves her moniker during the Dec. 14th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The topic came up after Jimmy Kimmel noted he'd never met a woman named Christian before.

"I have never met anybody else called Christian," Serratos said, "but that's kind of why I dig my name."

Looking back at her childhood, the Selena: The Series star recalled the comments she received about her name—and how she had the perfect comeback.

"People would often say to me, 'Oh, well isn't that a boy's name?'" she said. "And I wanted to tell them constantly, 'Well no, not if I have it.'"

So when it came time to naming her own child, Serratos decided to call her daughter WolfgangWolfie for short. "It like gave me something to, like, be, I guess, strong about and I wanted my daughter to be strong," she explained. "So, I gave her a unisex name."

Celebs' Real Names

Although, The Walking Dead celeb admitted people sometimes get confused when she says she has to "get back to the Wolf." And if the 3-year-old ever does want to change her name later in life, Serratos would be open to it.

"I always think it's strange too that we decide other people's names," she noted. "So, if there was ever a point where she was like, 'I'm going to change my name,' that would be OK. It's a placeholder."

To see her chat with Kimmel while completing a Rubik's cube, watch the video above.

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