Stop What You're Doing and Listen to Smokey Robinson's Mispronunciation of Hanukkah

A recent clip hit the Internet of Smokey Robinson mispronouncing Chanukah and the result is equally hilarious and adorable. Scroll down to see the attempt.

By Mona Thomas Dec 14, 2020 7:49 PMTags
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It's the thought that counts, right? Just ask Smokey Robinson.

On Sunday, Dec. 13, a Cameo video the singer-songwriter created for a fan went viral on Twitter. "My mom grew up on the same street as Smokey Robinson in Detroit," the original user wrote. "So for Chanukah, I wanted to reunite them via @Cameo. But the video takes a strange twist."

Indeed, it does. In the nearly one-minute clip, Smokey attempted to wish the user's mom a happy Chanukah, however he stumbled over the pronunciation of the Jewish holiday referring to it as Cha-Noo-Kah.

Like the rest of us, the "Cruisin" singer was also a little confused by the word. "I have no idea what Chanukah is," he said with a laugh, "but happy Chanukah."

Now, the Internet cannot get enough of him of the video. One commenter wrote, "Aww this was actually beyond super cute , he looks incredibly good and my mom would be over the moon of[sic] I paid ( which I wouldn't, I'm too cheap) for Smokey Robinson to wish her a Happy Chanukah , in fact from now on I'm going to call it chanookah."

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Another added, "Lolololol it's almost better than if he pronounced it even close to correctly. A nice gesture nonetheless!"

The 80-year-old isn't the only star making headlines over of a mispronunciation. On Tuesday, Dec. 8, a clip of British chef Nigella Lawson saying the word microwave created a buzz as she pronounced it mee-cro-wah-vay. Nigella later revealed that the mispronunciation was all in good fun since she and her family say words wrong all the time for laughs. 

"Well, I do say it like that," she tweeted to a user, "but not because I think that's how it's actually pronounced."