A Summer House Couple Gets Married in Shocking Season 5 Trailer

In this Summer House season five sneak peek, a wedding, a love triangle and a fight is teased. See what's to come!

By Alyssa Ray Dec 14, 2020 6:12 PMTags
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They do?

In this trailer for season five of Summer House, which premieres Thursday, Feb. 4 on Bravo, fans are promised a summer unlike any other. As the new season, which features returning housemates Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson and Danielle Olivera and new housemate Ciara Miller, was filmed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the friend group quarantined together in the Hamptons.

This meant the often-dramatic gang found themselves together 24/7 and, from what we've seen in the trailer, plenty of stuff went down. For starters, a surprise wedding between Kyle and Amanda is teased.

In one scene, Amanda shares with Kyle, "I'm just excited to start a life with you and, like, a family."

The duo's original wedding plan was postponed due to COVID-19, but they seem stronger than ever. Not only are they self-isolating together, but they're working together too.

Later on, Kyle is seen suggesting, "What if we just, like, eloped?"

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And it seems that this is a serious suggestion as the engaged twosome is spotted exchanging vows in front of their Summer House pals. Oh, and Carl officiates the ceremony? Although we're not sure if this is a legal ceremony, we still love to see it.

Although, it's not all wedded bliss in the Summer House home. Namely, the maybe bride shouts at Lindsay, "You put me through f--king hell."

In response, Lindsay claps back, "So, stop coming f--king after me, Amanda."

Speaking of Lindsay, she may've found herself in a love…square?

At the start of the footage, Luke appears to have a thing with newcomer Ciara, who is said to have "made her presence known." This doesn't go over well with Hannah as she previously had a fling with Luke.

In tears, Hannah snaps at Luke, "We dated for seven months, and you f--king rub her in my face to make me feel bad."

Yet, by the end of the trailer, it's suggested that Lindsay and Luke "f--ked."

And that's just a taste of the drama coming this February. Be sure to watch the full trailer above!

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Summer House season five premieres on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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