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Cocktail waitress/actress Scheana Marie may have once had a shot at something with John Mayer, but not anymore.

Marie, 23, says in a new interview that the singer, 31, is not her boyfriend, but claims, "We're hanging out."

Not so fast, says a Mayer pal.

"They're no longer in contact," the pal tells me. "She's been exaggerating her interactions with him."

But were they ever an item? Keep reading to find out...

The Mayer-Marie stories exploded last week when she told People magazine, "He's a great guy. He's funny and sweet."

My source insists they weren't even in contact when she spoke to the celeb weekly.

Did they hang out at one point? Yes, but nothing serious ever came of it, the pal says.

Even so, in a rambling new interview with, Marie pretends asserts they're still "hanging out" and that one of her favorite things about Mayer is when he texts her smiley faces.

She also giggles that the Grammy winner has "nice lips," but declines to say if she's ever actually been to his house.

"I love his personality," she says. "I just love that he's funny."

We think Scheana can kiss those nice lips and smiley faces goodbye.

"He goes on dates and he's looking for love like everybody else," Mayer's pal says. "But he and Scheana are not in contact at all."

(Originally published May 1, 2009, at 3:41 p.m. PT)


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