Blab Blab Blab: Jamie Foxx’s Friends Stand By Him

Jamie Foxx’s pals apologize for his losing it with Miley Cyrus

By Ted Casablanca May 04, 2009 2:07 PMTags
Jamie Foxx, The SoloistFrancois Duhamel/DreamWorks

"He almost lost it completely on The Soloist, so it's little wonder he went nuts on Miley like that. I mean, people just don't know how close to the edge he really was."

—Tight bud to Soloist star Jamie Foxx, who shocked the world by saying Miley Cyrus should go on drugs, among other choice debauched activities. Uh, just because J.F. played a mentally challenged dude in a movie doesn't mean it's OK to go all mental on a kid, even it's one who's more ambitious than he is

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