Kim Kardashian Says She Is "So Messed Up" After Brandon Bernard Is Executed

Kim Kardashian shared that she is "so messed up" after Brandon Bernard's execution on Dec. 10. Read the reality star's heartfelt remarks.

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Watch: Kim Kardashian Gets Emotional After Brandon Bernard's Execution

Kim Kardashian is sharing her impassioned thoughts after convicted murderer Brandon Bernard was executed on Thursday, Dec. 10. 

The 40-year-old reality star and criminal-justice activist posted a flurry of tweets on Thursday, with her thread starting less than an hour after the prisoner was put to death by lethal injection following the Supreme Court denying a final request to delay the execution. Brandon, 40, was sentenced to death in 2000 for his involvement in the 1999 murders of Todd and Stacie Bagley. Accomplice Christopher Vialva was put to death in September, while three other co-defendants received lesser sentences. 

"I'm so messed up right now," Kim wrote after Brandon became the ninth individual to be executed in the U.S. this year. "They killed Brandon. He was such a reformed person. So hopeful and positive until the end. More importantly he is sorry, so sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused others."

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared that Brandon's attorney had called her just before the execution to pass along the message that Brandon loves her and wanted to thank her again for her efforts. Kim had contributed to a social media campaign in recent weeks to convince President Donald Trump to commute the sentence for Brandon, who had been on Death Row for 20 years. 

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"Brandon wanted me to tell every single person who worked on his behalf supporting him in any way a huge thank you," she wrote. "He was certain he was gonna have the chance to tell you all himself and write you all letters but he told me to tell you all how grateful he is for you!"

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According to Kim, the inmate's key message to the public was to avoid getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. She said he also appreciated that the groundswell of support provided his family with validation. 

"I could go on and on about what an amazing person Brandon was," she continued. "I do know he left this earth feeling supported and loved and at peace. This just has to change: our system is so f--ked up."

She had tweeted earlier in the day that she had just gotten off the phone with Brandon for presumably the last time. "Hardest call I've ever had," she posted.  

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