Chrissy Teigen Mourns Death of Peanut Butter the Hamster in the Most Chrissy Teigen Way

Chrissy Teigen confirmed their pet hamster, Peanut Butter, died sometime this year. She also revealed the pet has been replaced—and its name is controversial.

By Cydney Contreras Dec 09, 2020 1:04 AMTags
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The Teigen-Legend family hamster is gone, but surely not forgotten. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Chrissy Teigen revealed the rodent passed away, nonchalantly tweeting, "oh. peanut butter the hamster died."

At this time, it's unclear how the pet's life came to an unfortunate end. But Chrissy said, "It hurts like it happened today but it happened uhhhh not today, I dunno I forget lmao."

And though the hamster was a beloved pet for her and hubby John Legend's kids, Luna, 4, and Miles Stephens, 2, they've already welcomed a new hamster into their lives. It's name? Peanut Butter. The Cravings cookbook author revealed the new addition to the family by sharing a video of Peanut Butter 2.0s Christmas stocking. Like the rest of the family, it comes complete with a custom name tag that reads, "New P. Butter."

Regarding questions about the stocking and the quick turnaround on its creation, Chrissy clarified that the OG Peanut Butter "died a couple weeks ago," before adding, "but I def also could have planned to just have it. I mean he is a hamster."

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Additionally, Chrissy said that if anyone has any complaints about her handling of the first Peanut Butter's death, they can keep it to themselves. As she put it, "that is the name. don't attack me!"

The OG Peanut Butter first joined the family in March 2019, and quickly became a favorite among Chrissy's Twitter followers.

Peanut Butter was so popular, in fact, fans once questioned if the pet was alive after Chrissy stopped posting about her. The mom put those worries to rest in January 2019 by posting a video of the pet, which she captioned, "stop asking me if the hamster is alive."

John has yet to address Peanut Butter's passing.

But according to Chrissy, the Voice coach was not a fan of the hamster. When she introduced PB to the world in 2019, Chrissy shared, "Luna and I bought a hamster today. Her name is peanut butter. John is not thrilled, which makes me love her more."


Peanut Butter proved to be a playful pet, often hiding from the family, much to Chrissy's dismay. "Oh my f--kin g the hamster is gone again," she tweeted the same week they bought the rodent. "we are doing your peanut butter on a plate trick to find peanut butter. I swear to god if other critters come out of the woodwork for it, john will vomit and die."

Peanut Butter also enjoyed frolicking in her hamster wheel, which Chrissy expressed concern over on one occasion. She asked the most knowledgeable people on the internet (her Twitter followers) for advice, pondering, "The hamster has finally figured out her wheel. is it possible for her to exercise too much? should I take the wheel out sometimes? I'm worried she's about to start a fitness instagram."

Unfortunately, Peanut Butter's fitstagram never came to fruition in her nearly two years with the Teigen-Legend family. Nonetheless, she lives on in the hearts of many and, of course, her new namesake.  

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