Watch Daniel Bryan and Artem Chigvintsev Awkwardly Discuss Pregnancy Sex

By Allison Crist Dec 10, 2020 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Daniel Bryan Gives Artem the Talk About Pregnancy Sex

Daniel Bryan pretty much sums up this sneak peek of tonight's all-new Total Bellas when he sheepishly turns to Nikki Bella's fiancé Artem Chigvintsev and says, "So, this is mildly uncomfortable for me to talk about..."

The subject of discussion? Sex.

More specifically, pregnancy sex.

Brie Bella's husband (born Bryan Danielson) continues, "Brie asked me to talk to you about it because Nicole talked to her about it; about you being uncomfortable having sex with her right now."

Artem awkwardly acknowledges this, but ultimately moves the conversation forward by chuckling. "It's okay," he tells Bryan. "It stays in the family." 

Adds the Dancing With the Stars champ, "It's weird. I mean, there's a whole baby inside there. You know what I mean?"

This prompts the pro-wrestler to recall being in a similar situation when Brie was pregnant with their first child, Birdie. At the time, the couple sought the advice of their doctor, who, according to Bryan, "just looked at me and rolled her eyes and said, 'You can't hurt that baby.'"

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However, Artem reveals that he's not exactly hesitant for physical reasons. "It's the mental thing," he says. "Like, there's a whole human inside."


At this point, Bryan offers Artem his last piece of advice. "It's interesting because I read this thing about how good it is for the baby for the mom to experience orgasms. Right?" he tells Artem. "So there's that. If you take it as a job."

Of course, Bryan has never told Brie any of this. And Artem understands why! "If I tell Nicole I'm taking it as a job, she'll kill me," he says, laughing. "She'll legitimately kill me."

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Watch the complete Total Bellas sneak peek in the above clip!