Kevin Hart Calls Latest Celebrity Game Face Episode "Comedy Gold": Find Out Why

By Alyssa Ray Dec 09, 2020 4:00 AMTags
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A night filled with laughs.

During Tuesday, Dec. 8's episode of Celebrity Game Face, Kevin Hart guided three teams of celebrity pairs—including Anthony Anderson and mom Doris Bowman, Rachael Harris and Kevin Gessay and Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker—through Hollywood's best game night.

This episode featured, as Kevin described it, "more outrageous challenges" as the famous duos competed for the coveted Hart of a Champion trophy—and money for their charity of choice.

At the start of the episode, Kevin shared, "Watch your favorite celeb teams go head-to-head in the ultimate battle. More outrageous challenges designed to test their mind, body and soul."

Like in past Celebrity Game Face episodes, the night was filled with plenty of hilarious moments. In fact, during this all-new episode, we saw the contestants cover themselves in toilet paper, make LOL-worthy calls and more.

Check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

Funniest Celeb Game Face Moments Ever

1. A Roast Master

For a round of "Show and Tell," Doris proved she was just as funny as her comedian and actor son. The game required each team to share an item and a story associated with said item. The other teams then had to guess whether the presenters were telling the truth or not.

Not only did Doris roast Rachael and Kevin's story as "white folk s--t," she mocked tWitch for believing her story about Anthony.

"It's a damn lie," Doris exclaimed after tWitch and Allison said they believed her story. "You're a fool, tWitch. We playin' a game."

Well played, Mama Doris. Well played.


2. Twirl or Hurl?

If you get motion sick, this game is not for you.

The next round featured a game called, "T.P. Takedown." During the game, one team member from each duo had to put a party plunger with a toilet paper roll on top of their head. The other team member had to bite down on the toilet paper and twirl until the whole roll was unraveled.

Thanks to their dancing skills, tWitch and Allison nabbed first place.

We found ourselves laughing while watching the race for second place. Namely, Rachael was hilarious as her toilet paper kept tearing and she found herself getting nauseous from twirling.

The Lucifer actress noted, "I'm gonna f--king vomit."

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3. Wild Conversations

During the ever-popular Celebrity Game Face game "Hit 'Em Up," all three teams successfully nailed this round and got their friends to say some hilarious words. The way "Hit 'Em Up" works is that each team calls someone up and has to get them to say mystery words selected by another pair.

So, we watched as tWitch and Allison scrambled to get Travis Wall to say "lubricant" and "pasties" and Rachael and Kevin managed to get Rachael's brother Jack to utter "wedgie" and "ménage à trois"

Yet, we were most impressed by the skillful way Anthony got his mom's assistant Echanna to say "catheter" and "kinky."

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He started off, "Me and my mama are having this debate right now, speaking of wet things. When you go to the hospital, and you're about to have surgery, they stick something up inside the male or female to make them go to the bathroom. What's that thing called?"

After Echanna correctly answered catheter, Anthony pivoted the topic of conversation to Doris' alleged bedroom fantasy.

The Black-ish star added, "I told you that story about how I went by my mama's house one day and she had eight candles lit…with a picture of Cedric the Entertainer, right? Now, what kind of sex would they have if my mama was in all leather and had a whip?"

Although Echanna first guessed "dominatrix," she eventually landed on "kinky."


4. Mad Dash

"Show Me Your Junk" always has us in stitches and this week's episode was no different. The challenge required the teams to go on a scavenger hunt to find items teased by Kevin's riddles.

For the first part, Kevin had the pairs hunt down "an animal in bed" that doesn't bite and you "cuddle" at night.

As the pairs dashed off, only two teams returned with the correct item, a stuffed animal. (Sorry, tWitch and Allison.)

For the second half of the round, the teams were tasked with locating a can opener. Thankfully, this time, tWitch and Allison brought back the correct item and, after a replay of the tape, earned 25 points.


5. An Unexpected Ending

Congratulations, tWitch and Allison.

The married couple proved they were a dynamic duo as they were crowned the winners. In typical Celebrity Game Face fashion, tWitch and Allison were sent the Hart of a Champion trophy.

However, Anthony didn't agree with the final outcome of the episode and drove with his mom to tWitch and Allison's house to "get what's mine."

tWitch remarked in surprise, "This fool really came to the house."

Upon entering the famed dancers' home, Anthony and Doris took possession of the trophy.

Anthony's mother declared, "Kevin is mine!"

As for Anthony, he told the camera, "I'm snatching babies…I got the trophy…Run, mama. Run!"

This moment had Kevin declaring the episode as "comedy gold."

You can say that again!