Survivor's Natalie Anderson Reveals What's Making Her "Nervous" About The Challenge

Survivor winner Natalie Anderson is headed to The Challenge: Double Agents. Find out what makes her nervous about joining the MTV franchise.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 09, 2020 2:00 PMTags
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Maybe the twists and turns at tribal council aren't total madness after all.

For two seasons, Natalie Anderson made a name for herself as one of the toughest contestants Survivor has ever seen. After all, she came this close to winning Survivor: Winners at War earlier this year even after she spent much of the season secluded on the Edge of Extinction, an abandoned beach with even fewer amenities than the main island.

But when asked to appear on MTV's hit reality show The Challenge: Double Agents, the fierce competitor was a bit nervous. 

"It's so different," Natalie explained to E! News exclusively ahead of the premiere. "The Edge of Extinction was probably the hardest thing I'll ever do in my life. It made my regular season of Survivor seem like a beach vacation. The thing about The Challenge that makes me nervous is living with other people in such close quarters."

Natalie continued, "I'm good in really bad situations. I'm good starving. I'm good being uncomfortable. For me, I'd rather take everyone on The Challenge and put them on the Edge of Extinction."

Meet the Cast of MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents

All jokes aside, The Challenge has remained one of MTV's biggest success stories as former Real World and Road Rules contestants compete for a huge cash prize. In recent seasons, MTV has expanded the playing field to include contestants from Big Brother, The Amazing RaceSurvivor, Are You the One? and more.

When The Challenge: Double Agents premieres, fans will see veterans like Wes Bergmann, Chris "CT" Tamburello and Aneesa Ferreira. At the same time, new faces like Natalie and Celebrity Big Brother alum Lolo Jones hope to shake things up.

"From the new girls, I was excited to see Lolo there," Natalie confessed. "It's about time the girls also up the competition levels. The guys are always pretty stacked but I think the girls were lacking just straight strength and I think Lolo and I brought that this season and I think we got some of the girls pretty scared."

That's not to say it's going to be a walk in the park. While Natalie admitted that Survivor challenges don't scare her—"I can do almost all of them eyes closed," she claimed—The Challenge is a whole other beast.


"Rooming with people, being in each other's space, that makes me nervous," she shared. I think it will probably be more difficult for me than being on Survivor, which sounds weird. I know but I just know myself. I'd rather be starving than be stuck in close quarters with a bunch of crazy people."

No matter what challenges come her way, Natalie hopes to be a role model for young women who may not feel represented in competitive reality shows. In fact, the 34 year old is already making history as the first Southeast Asian female to compete on The Challenge.

"It means so much for people to reach out and say, ‘After seeing you on Survivor, I realized I don't have to down my power. I can be strong. I can be feminine but also be aggressive and fight for what I want and never give up,'" Natalie reflected. "On The Challenge, we definitely have a lot of girls who are bad asses but if I can represent a demographic of women who you usually don't see on the show…I would obviously love to represent that and just be strong and just be who I am."

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. on MTV.