Wendy Williams Mourns Death of Her Mother Shirley During Emotional On-Air Tribute

While appearing on her talk show, Wendy Williams confirmed her mom Shirley Williams recently passed away. Watch the talk-show host’s emotional tribute.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 07, 2020 6:24 PMTags

Wendy Williams is mourning the death of her mother.

During the Dec. 7 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk-show host kicked off "Hot Topics" by confirming the passing of Shirley Williams, 83.

"My mom passed away many, many, many weeks ago," she shared. "You know how during corona and during the world topsy-turvy, people starving, people out of jobs, just everybody's life is something new? Well, and you know how you lose track of the day and date and the times? All I know is that it was a long time ago."

"First of all, she passed away beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love," Wendy, 56, continued. "And she didn't suffer, not one bit, thank goodness because that squawking voice."

In her candid tribute, Wendy compared the relationship with her mother to one of "two teenage girls." She also praised her as the "best mother" and "best girlfriend."

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"You know my relationship with my mother, right up until the end, was so girly and so ridiculously giggly," she reflected. "We would do our nails together—me, you know clipping. And then we'd watch like Housewives or American Greed on TV together."

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Wendy expressed gratitude for having two parents who were in a happy relationship for nearly 65 years. In fact, the couple would sometimes appear on The Wendy Williams Show as they sat front row in the audience before COVID-19 hit.

During her tribute, Wendy said she is trying to be strong for her 20-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr., because this "is his first death." She also said her father is "doing well" despite tough circumstances.

"We look to him for strength and the children look to us for strength," she shared. "But my son is looking to me. And so I'm giving him the strength that he needs. And, please, it's not like I don't cry. I just don't cry in front of you regarding this particular thing."

According to reports, Shirley spent much of her life as a teacher and learning disabilities resource specialist at schools in New Jersey. She would later retire in Florida.

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