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Grey's Anatomy: Denny definitely comes back to Grey's Anatomy this season (probably for the 100th episode), but Shonda Rhimes warns: "Just a reminder: He's not a ghost, and we should all remember what his appearance means." Uh...his appearance means Izzie has a brain tumor making her crazy and/or dead?

• Online Video: Things really are looking up, America! ABC shows like Lost and Private Practice will soon be available on Hulu!

Glee: Fox has released a new extended Glee promo. OMG, this show.

Jesse in Daytona Beach, Fla.: I love the new CBS show Harper's Island, but I noticed they have quietly moved it to Saturday night at 9. Is there any chance now of the show continuing? I heard they filmed all of the episodes already, but Saturday night seems to be a curse. Any info?

Harper's Island is sort of a weird case: It's only supposed to have one season of 13 episodes. That means good news and bad news for you H.I. fans. Good news: The show will almost certainly continue to the end of the original 13. Bad news: Especially with the cruddy ratings (thus the move to Saturday), there's almost no chance of Harper's Island 2: Wakefield's Revenge.

Are you a Harper's Island fan? Do you want more? And how do you feel about Denny's return to Grey's Anatomy? Post in the comments!

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