Lily Collins Reveals What We're Dying to Know About Her Emily in Paris Wardrobe

By Allison Crist Dec 04, 2020 6:46 PMTags

Don't worry, Emily in Paris fans—the très chic outfits worn by Lily Collins' character are in good hands. Just not hers! 

At least, that's the case for now. As the 31-year-old actress exclusively revealed on Friday, Dec. 4's Daily Pop, she's determined to make the wardrobe hers, à la Sarah Jessica Parker when she starred on Sex and the City.

"Let's just say I'm working on it," Lily told E! co-host Justin Sylvester. "I would love nothing more than to have Emily's wardrobe at home because honestly, wearing all of those colors, textures, prints, styles, proportions, shapes, all of the above, designers, it made me so much more adventurous with my own fashion."

"Andddd then we went into lockdown," she added, revealing that, like the rest of us, she's stuck to "sweatpants and a bunch of neutrals" in recent months. 

However, quarantine hasn't been all that bad for the Netflix star. In fact, she got engaged to writer and director Charlie McDowell on Sept. 25.

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Lily announced the news on Instagram, posting an adorable photo of her and Charlie kissing while she held up her left hand, along with the caption, "I've been waiting my lifetime for you and I can't wait to spend our lifetime together..." 

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"You know what's really funny?" the bride-to-be said after Justin asked about the wedding planning process. "I wasn't that young girl who, like, had it all figured out...but I am someone now who's like, 'I think I know exactly what I want.' So it's fun."

"But I'm also creative, right? As is he," Lily continued. "And so just being able to be creative and fun and like play with colors and textures and all of that, this is the fun part."

She's yet to pick out a wedding dress, but Emily in Paris aside, Lily's no stranger to couture. She's repped a myriad of designers at the Met Gala and movie premieres alike, and as a result, she's a bit overwhelmed even considering the decision-making process.

"There's so many amazing ideas and options," Lily explained. "I think now is the exploratory time when I'm trying to figure all of that out." 

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Perhaps her latest film role will inspire her wedding day look? Lily stars in David Fincher's Mank, a reevaluation of 1930s Hollywood through the eyes of scathing wit and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he races to finish Citizen Kane

She told Justin she sees the era as "sexy" and "mysterious," especially when captured—or recreated—on film. "There's that kind of mist, you know?" Lily said. "You're like, oh, that feels like a movie."

The film already has Oscar buzz, though Lily doesn't see that as "nerve-racking." 

"I'm just really proud to be part of such an amazing ensemble," she expressed. "And to be a part of something that people are responding to like this is really special."

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Watch the complete Daily Pop interview with Lily Collins in the above clip!

Mank is now streaming on Netflix.