Zendaya Responds to Rumor That Drake Handed Out Cash at Euphoria Party

Zendaya cleared up some questionable facts about Drake's rumored gifts from the Euphoria wrap party. Watch her response in the video, below.

By Ryan Gajewski Dec 04, 2020 9:28 AMTags
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Zendaya is setting the record straight on whether Drake really handed out bags full of cash at a Euphoria party.

The recent Emmy winner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Dec. 3 to promote Euphoria's new Christmas special that was set to premiere on HBO Max on Dec. 4. During the interview, host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get to the bottom of a rumor about the generosity of the "Hotline Bling" rapper, who is also an executive producer on the popular HBO drama series. 

"I heard that at your wrap party, he brought gift bags for everyone, and it was bags of money," Kimmel said. "Is that true?"

Zendaya was quick to correct the details of the story, replying with, "It wasn't exactly that! I don't know the full situation, but I know at our wrap party, Drake was gifting money. People would enter into a raffle, and people won money, which was cool, especially for our crew members. They were very, very happy about that."

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Kimmel then jokingly followed up by asking whether the Toronto-born Grammy winner "gives out American money or that phony Canadian money."

Zendaya quipped back with, "I don't know. I'll have to ask. I can find that out for you."

The 24-year-old Spider-Man: Far From Home star also shared details from her joyous Emmys night that she spent with family and friends after becoming the youngest performer to ever win the statue for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. 

"One of my friends makes the best pancakes in the world, so she hooked us up with pancakes," Zendaya recalled about the post-victory celebration. "My mom had just learned a song that she wanted to share with everyone, so her and my dad decided it was a good time to whip out a little duet."

If only Drake had dropped by to raffle off money as everyone was singing and eating pancakes, it really would have been a perfect night.