Nikki and Brie Bella's Baby Shower Plans Shock Their Mom Kathy on Total Bellas

By Alyssa Ray Dec 08, 2020 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Nikki & Brie Bella Shut Down Family Baby Shower Idea

Baby shower blues.

In this clip from Thursday, Dec. 10's all-new Total Bellas, pregnant Nikki Bella and Brie Bella reveal what they want their baby shower to look like. However, it seems that their mom, Kathy Colace, isn't a fan of their current plan.

"Nicole and I are gonna put our list together, that we want for the baby shower," Brie starts off the conversation. "So, don't get mad if there's people on there that aren't invited that you wish were on there. So, just know that."

Further shocking Kathy, Nikki declares she wants a friends-only baby shower. She expresses, "I kind of would rather do friends than family."

In response, Kathy says, "No! No! Ok, first of all, you guys have a large family that you're close to, when you think of your cousins and everybody. Like, Maya and Lauren."

After hearing their mom's stance, the twins reveal they aren't "worried about it."

Nikki adds, "And I feel bad but, I don't care."

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As for Brie, she actually feels badly that no cares "about hurting [her] feelings."

Standing her ground, Kathy calls Nikki's comment "a bad statement" and predicts this decision will cause "family drama."

Kathy tells her daughters, "Feelings will be hurt."

To the Total Bellas camera, Nikki explains, "Honestly, I have dreamed of a baby shower. Like, couldn't wait to have that moment."

Yet, since talking with her mom, Nikki has felt underwhelmed at the idea of a shower.


"It's just such a turn off. It's like, I'm just torn if I even want to do this anymore," Nikki relays in a confessional. "This is supposed to be a celebration, right? And it's just kind of feeling like a downer."

When Kathy iterates that "feelings will be hurt," Nikki puts her foot down.

She concludes, "Mom, if it's not gonna be how Brie and I want it, then we're just not going to have a shower."

Watch the tense call play out in the clip above.