Sorry Swifties, Taylor Swift’s New ''Love Story'' Doesn't Hold a Clue About Joe Alwyn's Proposal

Fans are convinced that Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of “Love Story” hints at boyfriend Joe Alywn’s marriage proposal.

By Kaitlin Reilly Dec 04, 2020 12:13 AMTags

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring...or did he?! 

Sorry, Swifties, but it looks like your ears are deceiving you. Sources tell E! News that the lyrics to Taylor Swift's newly re-recorded version of "Love Story" have not changed, despite speculation from fans who thought her re-recording of the 2008 hit hinted at a proposal from boyfriend Joe Alwyn

A snippet from the track was heard for the first time on Dec. 2 in a Match commercial written by Ryan Reynolds. Upon analyzing the song, some fans became convinced that Taylor changed the line "it's a love story, baby just say yes" to "baby just said yes." The implication, of course, is that Joe popped the question to the "Cornelia Street" singer, and that she accepted. 

While T.Swift may not have implied there are wedding bells in her near future, she may have left an Easter egg in that ad after all.

Fascinating Facts About Taylor Swift

In the Match video, which is about the budding romance between Satan and the personified year 2020, a discarded scooter can be seen in the background by a trash can. Fans believe that this fallen scooter is meant to represent Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, who purchased her master recordings via Taylor's former record company Big Machine Label Group in 2019. In November, Scooter sold the masters to private equity firm Shamrock Capital.

Now, Taylor is on a mission to re-record the six albums she made with Big Machine, in order to own her own music. She even skipped the 2020 American Music Awards, where she was honored as Artist of the Year for the third time in a row, in order to continue her massive endeavor. 

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She told fans at the AMAs on Nov. 22, "The reason I'm not there tonight is I'm actually re-recording of all my old music, in the studio where we originally recorded it so it's been amazing, and I can't wait for you to hear it."

Hear it, and also over analyze every new line? That's just the kind of sleuthing Taylor has prepared us for!