Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Hilarious Thing She and Alex Rodriguez Fight Over

By Allison Crist Dec 03, 2020 6:47 PMTags

If you've ever found yourself marveling over Jennifer Lopez's flawless skin—because let's be honest, we all have at some point—then you're in luck, as she's launching her very own beauty and skincare line, JLo Beauty.

The 51-year-old singer, dancer and actress extraordinaire gave E!'s Carissa Culiner the inside scoop on the new collection during Thursday, Dec. 3's Daily Pop, but not before revealing what inspired her to branch out into the beauty biz in the first place: "Everywhere I've gone over the past 20 years, the number one question I get asked is, 'What do you do for your skin?'" 

Now, JLo Beauty serves as the answer. "It's not about looking good for 50," the Hustlers star pointed out. "It's about looking good, period."

As for the source of all her knowledge, Lopez said she learned everything she knows from her mom, aunts and grandmother. One particular piece of advice has stuck with her over the years, and it actually has to do with olive oil.

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"Olive oil was the secret beauty ingredient for hydration, for your skin, for your body like when you were very dry, for your hair," she explained. "It works amazingly well for hydration and to smooth the skin and to give it a glow. So when I went in for the first time with my team, I said, 'Listen, I think we need to start with olive oil.'"

"That's the basis of everything. I wanted it to be natural," Lopez continued. "Yes, I want all the good ingredients that do all the cool stuff with your skin but I wanted to start in a natural base...We developed an oil complex because obviously, you don't just put straight olive oil on yourself because you smell like a salad and nobody wants that." 


The E! People's Choice Awards Icon revealed that she plans to share a tutorial for her entire skincare routine closer to JLo Beauty's launch date. In the meantime, the products are being put to good use by Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Carissa asked if the former professional athlete has a particular product he loves the most, but according to Lopez, the answer is no, he's a fan of "all of them!"

"He loves skincare products," she added. "As we were trying all of the products, he was always like, 'What are you doing? What are you using? Let me get two. Give me some. Give me some! Don't be cheap, come on.' I'm like, 'It's a sample! I have to try it for five days. Like, leave it alone!' And we would be fighting over the products."

Now that's something we'd like to see!

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Hear more about Jennifer Lopez's skincare line, beauty tips and tricks and what her ideal self-care routine looks like in the above Daily Pop clip!

JLo Beauty will be available at jlobeauty.com on Jan. 1 and at Sephora and Amazon on Jan. 14.