Watch a Sneak Peek at Stylish With Jenna Lyons, Your New Favorite Fashion Reality TV Show

In HBO Max’s Stylish With Jenna Lyons, the former J. Crew creative director works to reinvent her career while giving young people interested in fashion an opportunity. Watch a sneak peek.

By Jonathan Borge Dec 02, 2020 11:00 PMTags

Are you a sucker for early aughts and 2010s reality shows like Kell on Earth, The Rachel Zoe Project and House of DVF? If so, get ready for another quite glamorous ride.

It's been a while since a fashion-inspired series really captivated our attention the way some of these formative ones did. And that's a hard thing to do in 2020, when the fashion industry itself has been forced to reckon with its historic lack of inclusivity. How do you premiere a show about designer shoes and luxurious, expensive goods without seeming, well, completely out of touch?

That's certainly a big challenge, but one new series does a pretty good job of engaging us in a way that doesn't feel trite. Set to premiere Thursday, Dec. 3 on HBO Max, Stylish With Jenna Lyons follows the titular former J. Crew executive, who The New York Times once credited as "the woman who dresses America," as she reimagines her career years after making pops of color and monochromatic dressing mainstream. 

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In a documentary- and competition-style format, she's joined by her (very loveable) chief of staff Kyle DeFord and (ultra fashionable) stylist Sarah Clary to interview potential associates tasked with pleasing her throughout a series of challenges. And in an exclusive sneak peek at episode two, Lyons meets with the contestants (a.k.a. potential new hires) after they've been asked to present a look that successfully interprets what it means to dress in a "high-low" format. 

With her signature wide-rim glasses and preppy style, she meets with each aspiring worker bee as Sarah models the outfits they put together. The preview finds Lyons giving her tips and tricks to contestant Kye, who impressed Lyons with the way she used proportions, but failed to make the expensive clothing item (that cable-knit sweater) stand out. 

Squire Fox / HBO Max

Elsewhere in the series, Lyons encourages the cast to select the right items for a pop-up shop she's working on. And in another episode, Lyons and her team welcome celebrities like Charlize Theron and Patricia Arquette to a red carpet photo booth they built at the SAG Awards.

Ready to revisit those days spent watching America's Next Top Model and Project Runway? Then give this a shot.

Stylish With Jenna Lyons premieres Dec. 3 on HBO Max.