Jennifer Aniston

Star magazine claims Jennifer Aniston is going to adopt, but Us Weekly says no sir-ee bob. Someday, she actually will be preparing for motherhood and we won't believe it, so the wolf will eat all the sheep.

It's a biopic bonanza this morning! Evan Rachel Wood wants Dakota Fanning to play her in the movie of her life, while Catherine Zeta-Jones supposedly wants to take the lead on a Susan Boyle film.

You might have thought action directors McG and Michael Bay used their massive explosions to compensate for something, but apparently not.

Seriously, messing with Sherri Shepherd is a bad idea. The Wrestler 2, anyone?

File this under "incredibly useful information": Rachel McAdams wears bamboo underpants.

Dear Aubrey O'Day: Thank you for not doing a season of A Shot at Love. It could have ruined that really stellar career of yours. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Oh look! There's Jen again in the Big Picture gallery!

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