Watch Chris Martin and Jimmy Fallon Parody Taylor Swift's folklore Sessions

Jimmy Fallon was joined by The Roots and Coldplay’s Chris Martin in a parody documentary of Taylor Swift’s folklore: the long pond studio sessions.

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Can Jimmy Fallon make an experience as great as Taylor Swift's folklore?

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, The Tonight Show host made a strong attempt as he created a mini-doc parody of the "cardigan" singer's Disney+ exclusive, folklore: the long pond studio sessions.

"Okay, so it's 8:30 in the morning. Why am I awake?" Jimmy said. "I sort of unexpectedly started writing an album and I just felt really inspired and I went with it. And I recorded an entire album with The Roots remotely."

Jimmy sat alongside The Roots members Tariq Trotter and Questlove on a rooftop and discussed the late-night host's potential album.

"I remembered calling you, Tariq, and asked if you would help me," Jimmy noted to which the musician replied, "Only if you paid me a lot of money."

Jimmy then turned to Questlove and recalled asking, "Hey, do you want to work on something together?" Quest remembered bypassing the question altogether and asking, "How did you get this number?" 

Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards

Although questionable at first, the music journalist ultimately agreed to help Jimmy with his fake album, which led to the creation of "i peed my pants in the appelee's."

The musical group also created other surefire classics such as "song about milk" and "sourdough heart" with beautiful yet hilarious commentary in between. 

Along with those hits, Jimmy wrote and performed a song called "fuzzy wuzzy" with Coldplay's Chris Martin that really just provides listeners with the fuzzies of the heart. 

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear/Fuzzy Wuzzy has no hair," sang the host. "Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?"

Then, while playing the piano, the "Paradise" singer joined in to sing the lyrics alone and then together with Jimmy. 

Despite the excited, Jimmy revealed towards the end of the six-minute video that there's no documentary because "Disney+ didn't want it" and "Neither did Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Peacock."

Watch the video above to see the hilarious parody!

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