Gillian Anderson Shares the Not So Royal Behind-the-Scenes Photos From The Crown

Gillian Anderson revealed some less than regal behind-the-scenes pics of The Crown cast, including of Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter cheesin' on set. See the selfies below.

By Lindsay Weinberg Dec 02, 2020 2:14 AMTags
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This is sure to cure your post-Crown blues.

The A-list cast of The Crown may portray the prim and proper British royal family onscreen, but that didn't stop the actresses from enjoying a few silly moments while making the Netflix drama. Besides, who says the royals are stuffy?

Gillian Anderson, who plays by-the-books Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, shared some new behind-the-scenes images of The Crown crew on Twitter on Tuesday, Dec. 1. 

The makeshift documentarian posted four pics of the team filming scenes at Balmoral, the monarch's vacation home in Scotland. The treasures showed Gillian and Helena Bonham Carter posing together for a dimly-lit selfie, as well as Gillian widely grinning in the back of a golf cart with Queen Olivia Colman.

Another image captured Gillian and Olivia laughing in the rain as they sat bundled up in fold-out chairs, with the Iron Lady holding an umbrella to combat the less than ideal weather. 

Fact-Checking The Crown Season 4

The Netflix U.K. account commented, "legends only," and we have to agree. 

Gillian, who also stars in the streaming site's Sex Education, later shared a delightful video of Her Royal Highness driving a cart backwards in preparation for a scene. "Are we filming?" Olivia asked. "We are," Gillian replied.

Olivia responded, "This could be the last film you ever make," seemingly referencing her questionable driving skills. Gillian joked, "I know, that's why I'm taking it."

Des Willie/Netflix

It isn't the first time the Golden Globe winner revealed a hilarious BTS video from The Crown season four. On Nov. 24, she posted a clip of the regal cast singing "Mr. Sandman" in between filming the parlor game Ibble Dibble. The Queen Mother (Marion Bailey) stole the show as she sang out the 1954 tune. 

Gillian's BTS footage really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Although those close to the real royal family have said they are "horrified" by the show, the cast seems to have had a joyous time making it. Earlier today, actress Erin Doherty, who embodies Princess Anne, said she got so into it that she felt her life lacked "purpose" after they finished wrapping.

See how The Crown compares to the true story of the royal family. 

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