How Nurses Honors Health Care Workers Before COVID-19 Changes Everything

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Tiera Skovbye opens up about NBC’s new medical drama that aims to honor hard working Nurses and hospital workers.

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Not all heroes wear capes—especially at the local hospital.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the United States of America, NBC has decided to add a new medical drama to their prime-time schedule. Titled Nurses, the series has become a massive hit in Canada. And while season one was filmed well before COVID-19 started impacting the world, one cast member says the show honors health care workers from the very first episode. 

"I think it's a nice reminder that these people are working really hard," Tiera Skovbye exclusively shared with E! News. "Our show is a lot of young doctors. There are a lot of young doctors dedicating their lives, but there are also parents, grandparents and all sorts of people dedicating their lives to keeping us safe. If we can help them and honor them, I think that's a huge thing that people can take away from watching our show."

In the premiere episode, Tiera's character, Grace Knight, along with four other rookie nurses experience their first placement in a hospital. They immediately face a tragic accident that leaves the entire staff overwhelmed with patients. It's a scenario hospitals have experienced before and during any pandemic.  

Heroic Nurses Working During COVID-19

"They get thrown right into it," Tiera teased. "And they have to rely on each other and there's a lot of difficult decisions that have to be made and they navigate the best that they can while taking care of themselves."

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Beginning with the very first season, Tiera said a medical advisor was on set providing guidance including how to properly put on and take off gloves. The cast also experienced a "medical boot camp" before filming kicked off.

And while Tiera has been able to work on several special shows like Riverdale and Dirty John, there's something extra meaningful about playing a health care worker who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her patients receives the very best treatment.

"I've loved every project that I've done and they all have a special place in my heart but with everything that is going on, I think this show is super special," she explained. "These people are dedicating their lives to keeping us healthy."

Ken Woroner/eOne/NBC

While some may be overwhelmed with a news cycle filled with COVID-19 stories, Tiera argues that Nurses can still be an escape that pays respect to our essential workers.

"People are still watching Grey's Anatomy," she said. "You get sucked into it because of the people. Yes, they are in a hospital and yes they are doing medical stuff but the stories underneath all of that are what hooks everybody. The connection with the patient and the nurse and the way the nurses help them navigate their illness and recovery and family is so beautiful." 

Nurses premieres Monday, Dec. 7 at 10 p.m. only on NBC.

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