Nikki & Brie Bella Try to Get to the Bottom of Mom Kathy's Health Problems on Total Bellas

By Alyssa Ray Dec 02, 2020 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Nikki & Brie Bella Try to Get Mom Kathy to Open Up

Forget the marshmallows, the Bella Twins are grilling their mom.

In this clip from Thursday, Dec. 3's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella try to get mom Kathy Colace to open up. This conversation comes amid Kathy's health struggles on the show.

As E! readers may recall, earlier this year, the Total Bellas matriarch was diagnosed with Bell's palsy as she suffered from some paralysis on the left side of her face. However, at the end of June, Kathy underwent a major medical procedure after a mass on her brain stem was detected.

Brie explains in a confessional, "So, Nicole and I see my mom outside setting up s'mores and we know this is the perfect opportunity to naturally talk to my mom."

In order to not give away their plan, the twins simply discuss the niceness of the weather.

Nikki adds to the Total Bellas camera, "We're under the stars, the beautiful trees and, I feel like, this kind of environment is so perfect to bond and talk about things and cry if you need to cry. Let's just open up our hearts and our minds and our souls."

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After exchanging pleasantries about the weather, Brie kicks off the deeper conversation by asking about Kathy's meditation session.

"It was awesome," an unsuspecting Kathy replies. "And then, I fell asleep."

Continuing on this topic, Brie asks why Kathy decided to pursue meditation.

"Well, first of all, you guys are always telling me to meditate," a confused Kathy notes.

Once the twins confirm this to be true, Brie continues on with her questions.


"You see a big difference with meditation?" Birdie Danielson's mom asks.

"Do I? Oh yeah, I do," Kathy responds. "Well, I don't know, I think I do. I mean, yeah."

The conversation remains awkward, even when Brie declares, "That's awesome, mom."

In fact, in the kitchen, Daniel Bryan and Artem Chigvintsev notice that Kathy appears tense while talking with the twins.

Back outside, Brie inquires if meditation has helped her mom "destress." While Kathy dances around answering the question, Brie finally asks the big question: "Do you think like, the stress has been the big cause of Bell's palsy?"

In response, Kathy comments, "Gosh, why are all these questions coming?"

At this point, Bryan notices that Kathy's posture is "changing."

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This probably has something to do with Nikki's unsolicited advice about self-growth.

Bryan consults with Artem, "Should we save her?"

Per Artem, "If she needs saving, she'll come."

Thus, Bryan asks for Kathy's help in the kitchen, an invitation she gladly accepts.

Watch the awkward fireside chat play out in the clip above.