Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's Thoughts on Acting Together Will Make You LOL

By Allison Crist Nov 30, 2020 8:03 PMTags

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn don't often star in the same films, but when they do, they make it—working with your significant other, that is—look easy. So what's their secret?

"Do it every 33 years, first of all," Russell joked on the Monday, Nov. 30 episode of Daily Pop, referencing how long it's been since he and his longtime love headlined a film together: 1987 for the romantic comedy Overboard

"Exactly!" Hawn chimed in. "It's not an everyday thing!"

Indeed it is not. Since Overboard, Hawn has only worked alongside her partner of 37 years once, and that was just to make a brief cameo in the 2018 Netflix flick The Christmas Chronicles. However, the holiday film—which stars Russell as Santa Claus and Hawn as Mrs. Klaus—has since gotten the sequel treatment, and this time around, they both play central roles.

"Because we are actors, you know, we are in a pretty fairly good state of mind," Hawn told E!'s Carissa Culiner.

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Plus, between festive settings and the pair's respective roles in The Christmas Chronicles 2, everything was pretty upbeat. "Being Mrs. Claus and being magical, I was just looking at Santa and falling in love and saying 'Santa's, like, soooo great!'" Hawn recalled, laughing.

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Russell had to agree. "I think that Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus are pretty fabulous characters to be playing," he added.

When it comes to the real Christmas, Russell and Hawn—who share son Wyatt Russell in addition to both having children from prior relationships, Oliver and Kate Hudson and Boston Russell—plan to keep things simple.

"The Night Before Christmas is big around our house," the 69-year-old actor explained. "Somebody's always there who hasn't read [it], which is our tradition, to read The Night Before Christmas. Get the fire going..."

"Turn off all the lights," Hawn chimed in. "Everything is hanging; The stockings are hung."

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Family time is clearly important for the couple, and lately, they can't get enough of Kate's 2-year-old daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, and all of her cuteness. 

"Katie redid one of her rooms," Hawn began, recalling one of Rani's most recent adorable moments. "Rani Rose came in in the morning. She hadn't seen it. She went, 'Wow! The whole thing!' And I thought, 'Oh my god! Katie and I say that a lot.' We do that, 'the whole thing.'" 

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Added the actress, "She cracks me up. She's so deeply funny."

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the above clip!

The Christmas Chronicles 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.