Watch Miley Cyrus Set Off Fire Alarm During Prank on Iggy Azalea

Miley Cyrus had Iggy Azalea "freaked" out when she pranked the rapper in a new livestream. See the chaotic video here.

By Cydney Contreras Nov 27, 2020 11:29 PMTags

Stop, drop and roll!

Miley Cyrus put Iggy Azalea's fire safety skills to the test during a livestream promoting her new album, Plastic Hearts. The singer and rapper were casually discussing the project before fans saw smoke begin to fill the room and a fire alarm went off. 

As they scrambled to figure out what was even happening, Miley paused to ask, "Are you scared, Iggy?"

But the Aussie was more focused on keeping them both from inhaling the smoke, telling Miley to get down on the floor and keep blankets over their head.

Meanwhile, Miley laughed and told Iggy that the people she called weren't answering, to which Iggy replied, "I feel like I can't break the door down, so why don't we make a plan. It's best to stay under here so we don't inhale the smoke."

Again, Miley asked Iggy if she was "freaked" out before telling her, "Thank you for nightcrawling with me."

And Iggy responded the best way she knew how, "What the f--k is nightcrawl?!"

Miley Cyrus Through the Years

According to Miley, it's just "some s--t" she made up. 

She then told Iggy it was time to leave, playing the Hannah Montana transition sound that Disney Channel viewers would recognize anywhere.

In short, the video was chaotic in the best way possible.

Iggy later shared what was going through her head in that moment, telling her Twitter followers that they genuinely tried to escape before resorting to laying on the floor. Iggy shared, "I had called out and tried to open the door before that! My plan was to get low, put covers over our head, while she called what I thought was 911. Damn it Miley!"

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Miley has yet to share how she pulled off the prank as she is too busy promoting her latest album, which gave fans a look into her life these past few years, including her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. To see what Miley sang about in Plastic Hearts, check out the album breakdown here

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