From Deadpool to The Croods: The New Age, See Ryan Reynolds' Best Movie Roles of All Time

In honor of his new film, The Croods: The New Age, take a look back at all of the times Ryan Reynolds blew us away on the big screen.

By Megan Larratt Nov 26, 2020 2:00 PMTags
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Excuse me, major hunk alert!

Ryan Reynolds is set to bless us yet again with another appearance on the big screen.

From his sarcastically charming role in The Proposal to his endearingly heart-melting character in The Captive, this dynamic and confident actor definitely has range. Although we cannot physically see him on screen in his upcoming new film, The Croods: The New Age, his distinctive voice and contagious humor add the perfect Ryan Reynolds touch in this heartwarming animated adventure story.

Building on the coveted tale originally released in 2013, the adventure continues for the Croods family as the tight-knit group attempts to co-exist with a rival family that claims to be ahead of them on the evolutionary ladder. The drama ensues in this epic retelling of lighthearted shenanigans and the sustained importance of family. In the new film, Reynolds is joined by other top Hollywood talent including co-stars Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Clark Duke and Peter Dinklage to name a few.

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While Reynolds is breathtaking in his own right, of course we can't forget about all of the other incredible performances this talented actor has brought to life, including his thoughtful and realistic portrayal of enduring childhood crushes in Just Friends or his brave, bold embodiment of heroism in Green Lantern.

To catch yet another one of his magnificent contributions to the industry in the only animated family film that is listed in the upcoming holiday release line-up, make sure to grab your loved ones and tune into this fun, enriching, and adventurous film perfect for the cozy winter season.

In honor of this release, enjoy looking back at some of Reynolds' finest moments on the big screen!

The Croods: A New Age

Returning as Guy in The Croods: A New Age, Ryan Reynolds joins his fellow cavemen to navigate the new challenges of meeting a rival family that claims to be higher on the evolution ladder. Just like always, the family sticks together to cover new terrain throughout this epic, uplifting adventure.

Free Guy

In this 20th Century Fox film, Reynolds discovers he is trapped in a digital world called "Free City" and grapples the meaning of life without any agency of his own as a video game character. Once he understands his predetermined destiny, he must take matters into his own hands to live for himself and define his purpose. 

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

The wise-cracking Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Reynolds) is back and busy as ever in a heated investigation to locate Ace detective Harry Goodman with the help of his son, Tim, in this mystery film. 

6 Underground

In this action thriller, Reynolds plays one of six individuals to who must delete their past to alter the course of the future. Stream it now on Netflix! 

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

In this ABC sitcom, Reynolds played Berg, a pre-med student who lived with two of his best friends in Boston. 

Van Wilder: Party Liaison

Van Wilder (Reynolds) is the life of the party at Coolidge College. However, his way of life may have to change when his father learns he is still in school after seven years in this 2002 comedy.

Blade: Trinity

In Blade: Trinity, the 41-year-old actor plays a former vampire who helps Blade on his quest to fight Dracula. 

Just Friends

It's a blast from the past in this 2005 romantic comedy in which Reynolds plays a man who returns home and runs into his old high school crush and best friend (Amy Smart). Her rejection when they were in school changed his life, but now he wants a second chance.

Smokin' Aces

The Canadian actor plays Richard Messner, an FBI agent, who realizes mob boss Primo Sparazza is out to get performer-turned-informant Buddy Israel, who decided to testify against the mob.

Definitely, Maybe

In the middle of his divorce, a political consultant (Reynolds) takes a look back at his own relationships when his young daughter (Abigail Breslin) asks about his life before marriage in Definitely, Maybe.


In this 2009 romantic comedy, a summer at the amusement park proves to be the perfect adventure. Reynolds plays the park's maintenance man who is a part-time musician and anything but faithful to his wife.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Reynolds is Wade Wilson, a mercenary who later becomes Deadpool in this 2009 film.

The Proposal

Reynolds and Sandra Bullock make a hilarious pair in this 2009 romantic comedy. The actor plays a young assistant who is forced to marry his boss (Bullock) in order for her to stay in the country and avoid deportation.


The Deadpool 2 writer portrays Paul, a man who is buried alive after an attack by a group of Iraq, in Buried. Left with only a lighter and a cell phone, he must find a way to escape before he runs out of air.

Green Lantern

Hal Jordan (Reynolds) is a test pilot who is granted a ring which gives him superpowers and leads to him becoming part of the Green Lantern Corps. He then confronts Parallax who is upsetting the balance of power in this 2011 film.

The Change-Up

In The Change-Up, Reynolds plays Dave, a single man without any real responsibility until his world is flipped upside down when he inadvertently switches bodies with Mitch, his childhood friend and a married man with three children.

Safe House

Blake Lively's husband takes on the role of a young CIA agent who is responsible for looking after Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), a fugitive in a safe house, in Safe House. The plan quickly changes when gunmen come after Frost and both men go on the run together.


Boston police detective Nick (Reynolds) joins the Rest in Peace Department after he is murdered on the job. Throughout the film he tries to find the man who killed him.

The Captive

Reynolds takes on the role of Matthew, the father of Cassandra, a girl who went missing while in his care eight years ago. The questions around her disappearance still linger from the family and police.

Woman in Gold

In Woman in Gold, Reynolds plays Randy Schoenberg, a lawyer who helps Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) make a claim to the art restitution board in Austria after her family's art work was taken by Nazis. 


A dying real estate mogul decides to transfer his consciousness into a healthy young man (Reynolds) but quickly realizes that the procedure was not what he thought it would be. 


Reynolds takes on the title character in this 2016 superhero origins story film. He then hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. 


In Criminal, Reynolds is a CIA agent who is ambushed and killed on a mission in London. His memories are then transferred into a dangerous convict named Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner). 


Reynolds plays an astronaut aboard the space station who discovers a new life form that caused extinction on Mars and now threatens life on Earth in this 2017 science fiction horror film.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

A bodyguard (Reynolds) takes on a new client who happens to be a hit man being forced to testify at the International Criminal Court. They must work together to get to the trial on time in this 2017 action comedy. 

Deadpool 2

Reynolds returns as the title character in Deadpool 2. This time he sets out to assemble a team of mutants to help protect Russell (Julian Dennison), a young boy with supernatural abilities, from the cyborg, Cable (Josh Brolin). 

The Croods: A New Age is in theaters now and moves to premium video on-demand Christmas Day. 

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