Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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The Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart-Nikki Reed love triangle is over. O-V-E-R. So which New Moon hottie is no longer trying to win Rob's heart? We're so sorry to say...

Robki fans are going to be very disappointed.

Nikki is out of the picture. This babe actually took herself out of the equation, folks...kind of.

We can finally say after confirming with tip-top Twilight sources that Nik and Rob were, um, hanging out for a while back in the day. No dating, no commitments, nothing like that—just typical, twentysomething fun. With the best benefits.

But unfortunately for Nik, Rob was longing for another gal, not Ms. Reed. After realizing Robki wasn't going to happen the way she would have liked, N.R. decided she was done—no more fooling around, no more nothing.

Smart girl. Why stand in the way of a guy who most definitely was going to follow his...heart, elsewhere.

Oh, and FYI to those on watch up in Vancouver: Robki is no longer a threat 'cause Nikki Reed is now back in L.A. for good. She's done filming New Moon.

So what's next? Robsten vs. Mikesten? You bet. Game on.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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