Look Back at Nikki Bella's Adorable Family Pics in Honor of Her Birthday

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It's time to wish the Bellas a happy birthday!

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are turning 37 today, Saturday, Nov. 21, and we're celebrating by looking back at the sweetest photos of their families—both of which have recently grown by one.

This past year has been particularly special for Nikki, as the Total Bellas star not only welcomed her first child with Artem Chigvintsev—a baby boy, Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev—but the couple also got engaged!

Artem delivered a heartwarming birthday message on The Bellas Podcast, telling his fiancée, "Nicole, I love you so, so much. You have no idea. You make me a better person, a better man."

"And this is your first birthday as a mom, and I just want to say you exceeded every single expectation out there," the Dancing With the Stars pro continued. "People have no idea how much effort you put into Matteo and into our relationship. And Matteo and I could not be happier."

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev's Cutest Pics

The message was an adorable reminder of how far Nikki's come and that there's so much happiness in store for the family of three!

In honor of Nikki's birthday, take a look at all of her, Artem and Matteo's loving photos below. You can also check out Brie's here!

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Road Trippin'

Nikki and Matteo took a road trip to Northern California on Thursday, Nov. 19!

Sunset Selfie

The mother-son duo soaking up some sun while on the road to Napa Valley, where Nikki and Artem recently bought a house and plan to move once Dancing With the Stars wraps.

Side of the Road Snuggles

Roadtrip? Pause. Photoshoot? Play.

Big Smiles

Matteo cheesin' mid-video.

Busy Bella

Nikki shared photos with Matteo and Artem after the season 6 premiere of Total Bellas, which was an emotional episode for her. She captioned this selfie, "I think he's very happy Mama is done with her crazy week. I will say Matteo and I are attached at the hip! lol Now it's time to decompress with my love, his cuddles and kisses are what I need right now."

Up Close and Personal

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Matteo Memories

Nikki posted a series of photos from the day Matteo was born to kick off the new season of Total Bellas since it documents her and Brie's pregnancy journeys! "I am so incredibly excited to have you all begin the journey to the most incredible moment of my life and @theartemc life," Nikki wrote. "The journey to Matteo."

First-Time Father

Artem welcoming his son to the world.

Hair For Days

"Ready For The Weekend Hair Vibes" Nikki captioned this Matteo snapshot.

Mom Life, Best Life

"I truly can't ever get much happier than this!" Nikki wrote on Tuesday, Nov. 3. "Mom life rules! Teo rules! Everyday is an incredible memory with you my baby boy."

Matching With Mommy

The mother-son duo don matching beanies while encouraging people to vote for Artem on DWTS!

Happy Halloween!

Take one of Matteo as Baby Yoda...

Not-So-Happy Halloween

...and take two! "lesson learned... don't ever mess with Teo's hair!" Nikki captioned her hilariously adorable Halloween photos.

Model Matteo

"Teo owns me," Nikki wrote on Instagram in late October. "I can't with that face and hair!"

Family Forever

Nikki and her "Ride or Die 4 Life," as she captioned this sweet selfie.

Voting Matters

"Matteo & Mama selfie time! Make sure to go vote NOW for Artem & Kaitlyn," Nikki wrote. "Also make sure to go VOTE! You can do it early or on Election Day November 3rd."

Baby Blue Eyes

Matteo twinned with dad Artem in this October 2020 Instagram pic.

Mama and Matteo

Nikki gushed, "I take in every second and moment of you and with you"

Hello, Gourd-geous

"I know what he's thinking... of course Mom had to get the biggest pumpkin at the patch for me," Nikki shared on her Instagram. "He didn't want his beanie so Bird started dancing for him and how he was watching her! Omg the cutest! She loves singing and dancing for her Teo!"

Supporting Daddy

Matteo's mom used his "baby blues" to grab the Bella Army's attention in the hopes they'd vote for Artem on Dancing With the Stars!

Sweater Weather

As Nikki pointed out in the caption of this adorable snapshot, Matteo is in full fall mode! She even dubbed him her "Little PSL."

Selfie King and Queen

In October 2020, Nikki captioned a series of photos, "Selfie King & Queen."


The mother-son duo were clearly smizing in this sweet snap.

Sweet Selfie

It's safe to say that Matteo is a natural in front of the camera.

Enjoying Motherhood

Nikki was in complete bliss as she snuggled her baby boy.

Like Mother, Like Son

It appears that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Beautiful Baby

Matteo couldn't be more handsome next to his stunning mom.

Tender Moments

Nikki snuggled her baby boy tight for one last selfie of the night.

A Very Blessed Bellas Mom

The Bella twins' mom, Kathy Colace, paying a visit to her newborn grandkids! In July, the Total Bellas matriarch underwent a major medical procedure for a "mass on her brain stem" and thankfully she's now "on the road to recovery" according to Brie and Nikki.

Strike a Pose

"Life doesn't get any better than this," Nikki wrote alongside a collage of photos of the family of three. Too sweet!

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Happy birthday, Bellas!

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