Debra Messing

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Debra Messing, walking past Junior's Cheesecake in Times Square on a Saturday afternoon. The redheaded gift-bag devourer was yakking on her cell phone while walking with an older blond pal—way to be Hollywood rude, Deb! D.M. donned black pants, a button-down top and "amazing hair," says our cheesecake-chomping source.

That hair keeps her in business. God forbid she ever decides to chop it off, we'd barely recognize her.

Another TV sour sweetie out celebrating was...

Anna Friel, celebrating Brit Week at the British Consul's House in L.A. The Pushing Daisies babe sighed how sad she was her totally twee show was canceled, but she's happy to still be amigos with costars Lee Pace and Swoosie Kurtz. Think Nicollette will be crying a river missing her Housewives? Unlikely.

Ann shouldn't be upset anyway about her job sitch, since she's up next in Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost and a gig on the West End. Lindsay Lohan could learn a thing or two about work from this British babe.

Another boob-tube hottie in the place was...

Naveen Andrews, looking oh-so yummy in cream-colored linen, fitting in perfectly with the season. The Lost stud didn't look the least bit upset, even tho he came thisclose to winning Watch With Kristen's Alpha Male Madness! Maybe Sayid can kick some more ass this season? We're waiting!

One more TV guy getting down with the Brits was...

Bruno Toniolo, doing his loud and brash thang, looking über-over-tanned. Orange skin is practically a requirement—the Dancing With the Stars judge has to be as colorful as can be to compete with all those ridiculously designed costumes!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Susan Michals

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