John Travolta, Jett Travolta

Courtesy of Travolta Family

John Travolta can hardly be over the hell of losing his son, Jett. Now he's being asked to relive it.

Bahamian prosecutors announced today that they still intend to call Travolta as a key witness in the trial of the two people charged with trying to extort millions from the grieving family.

Prosecutors revealed the new witness list after Bahamian Senior Supreme Court Judge Anita Allen announced the case against former Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and paramedic Tarino Lightbourne would begin on Sept. 21.

Lightbourne, 47, is accused of conspiring with his attorney, Bridgewater, 49, in a plot targeting Travolta and wife Kelly Preston. The defendants allegedly claimed to have embarrassing information regarding the circumstances of Jett's Jan. 2 death, and demanded $25 million in hush money.

Bridgewater and Lightbourne were arraigned together. Asked to enter a plea to the charges, both replied: "Absolutely not guilty."

Prosecutors had originally announced they intended to call Travolta to the stand back in January, shortly after the arrests, but the actor's camp has not yet signaled whether he intends to travel to the Bahamas for the proceedings.

The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, is also expected to feature testimony from Travolta family friend and MP Obie Wilchcombe, who was a central figure in the investigation.

Both Bridgewater and Lightbourne informed the court that they intend to give notice within 21 days as to whether they intend to present their alibis or call witnesses on their behalf.

Bridgewater's attorney attempted to convince the court that the trial should be held in Grand Bahama, where she would presumably get a more sympathetic jury, but Judge Allen denied the request.

Both defendants remain free on $50,000 until the trial, but Lightbourne has to check in daily with police.

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