Supernatural Series Finale: How Did Sam and Dean Say Goodbye?

There were a couple twists to be found in the series finale of Supernatural, which aired Thursday, Nov. 19.

By Lauren Piester Nov 20, 2020 4:22 AMTags
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Well that was an emotional roller coaster. 

Supernatural just ended after 15 seasons with an episode that truly had us on our toes from beginning to middle, when halfway through, the episode threw us fully off of our toes and into a sad ball of emotion. Finally free from Chuck, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) went on one last hunt to track down some evil mimes who were stealing children. 

Unfortunately, Dean got fatally stabbed during the hunt, and gave one hell of an emotional speech to his brother as he died. At first we were like there is no way that was Dean dying halfway through the finale, but he really truly did die. 

Fortunately, Jack (Alexander Calvert) is now in charge of heaven, so it was a really nice place and both Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Baby (1967 Chevy Impala) were waiting for him. 

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To the tune of "Carry On My Wayward Son" (and also our sobs but maybe only we could hear those), Dean took a drive and Sam lived a long, long life. He had a son, got old and died at home. 

Dean was then shown on a bridge, and Sam (young once again) appeared behind him. Then they stared off into the distance together, for all eternity. 


Somehow that finale was both exactly what we expected and not at all what we expected and we don't know how to explain that. It makes perfect sense that they're now together forever in new Heaven, but we still haven't fully comprehended the fact that Dean died halfway through after a fight with...mimes? A vampire? These boys have survived fights with Death (literally) and this is what does Dean in? 

Anyway, we now have a great many questions about Sam's son, apparently named Dean. What's he like? What's his deal? When's his spinoff coming? We'll be here whenever it's ready. 

Supernatural aired on The CW.