Nikki Bella Turns to a Relationship Coach After Fight With JJ & Other Family Drama

By Alyssa Ray Nov 20, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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This should've been the happiest time of Nikki Bella's life.

On Thursday, Nov. 19's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki found herself feeling uncertain about having a baby shower as drama was plaguing her family. For starters, Nikki wasn't on speaking terms with brother JJ Garcia after a "massive fight about politics."

While twin Brie Bella, who was also pregnant at the time, urged Nikki to make amends with her brother, Artem Chigvintsev's fiancé felt hesitant to do so.

She informed her sister, "I don't understand what I did wrong in the situation except say how I felt about politics. And I got destroyed by him with words."

The Belle Radici co-founder went on to say she was "disgusted" by her brother's behavior. Yet, Brie tried to reason with Nikki by noting, "It's family."

"People don't change," Brie added. "So you gotta accept who they are and if you need to keep them at a distance, you keep them at a distance, but you don't keep 'em away forever."

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To make matters worse, after formerly estranged father Jon Garcia asked about a baby shower for first-time mom Nikki, the 36-year-old E! personality knew her mother Kathy Colace and JJ wouldn't attend if Jon was there.

Furthermore, Nikki's rekindled relationship with Jon has "totally caused drama" with JJ.

"Thinking about my family going to a baby shower like, I want everything to work," Nikki said in a confessional. "But, at the same time, we're just not all ready to be under one roof together."

However, Brie told Nikki that she "deserve[d] a baby shower," leaving the latter even more confused.

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Nikki then turned to Artem for advice, who understood her hesitance about forcing the feuding family together.

"The only positive I see about it all, it's better to go through it now than it be our wedding," Nikki relayed. "Whenever we decide to do that."

After this conversation, Artem went on a hike with Kathy and gauged her feelings about Jon attending Nikki's potential baby shower.

"They don't know what to do," the Dancing With the Stars pro told his future mother-in-law. "They just don't want to upset anyone, you know, by inviting and people get offended and their dad might be there and how you feel."

At this point, Artem asked Kathy point blank, "If they invite, let's say their dad, would you come?"

The answer? Probably not.

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"I think it would be uncomfortable for everyone involved if I go, he goes," she responded. "And this isn't about making the twins uncomfortable so, I would bow out gracefully."

Later on, Artem shared Kathy's stance to Brie and Nikki, which made Nikki "over" the drama.

She expressed, "At the end of the day, the baby shower is about me and Matteo anyways."

In a confessional, Nikki further shared, "Sometimes I don't agree with how some of my family members act, sometimes it can feel very negative and I don't want my son around it. I love my family, I'll always love them, but my son's first now."

In an attempt to resolve the drama, the twins met with relationship coach Tracy McMillan.


During the session, Tracy urged the twins to be mindful of the topics that cause family tension and to create boundaries around the said topics.

"People think setting a boundary is telling the other person what do," Tracy remarked. "A boundary is, 'I feel comfortable with this' or 'I feel good with this and I'm letting you know that.'"

This bit of advice had Nikki realizing that she may come off "controlling" in dialogues with her loved ones.

"With all the family drama, I run from it. That's not helping," Nikki told the Total Bellas camera. "If I start setting boundaries then, you know, maybe we can take steps towards being more comfortable with each other."

Coming to this resolve made Nikki open to the idea of having a baby shower.

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