Love Is Blind Stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett Celebrate Their 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Two years after their on-screen romance on Netflix, Love is Blind stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett proved to fans and skeptics alike that their love is real and still going strong.

By Kaitlin Reilly Nov 14, 2020 7:27 PMTags
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It's a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get a privacy pod without ever having seen each other in the flesh. At least that's how things went down for Love is Blind stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, who got married in November 2018 on the Netflix reality series after their unusual courtship.

But despite their unusual courtship, the couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Nov. 13, proving to Love is Blind fans that their love is still going strong. 

In a selfie of him snuggling up to Amber, Matt wrote on Instagram, "Here's to 2 years and a million more years together."

Amber shared a steamier photo of her kissing her husband on the beach in Antigua. She gushed over Matt in the Instagram caption, writing, "Two years ago today since we officially said "I do"... and I still can't keep my hands off you! Happy 2yr Wedding Anniversary to my frustrating-crazy-sweet-handsome hubby. I LOVE YOU @barnettisblind." 

The couple gave details of their big anniversary plans in their Instagram Stories as well. 

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Matt revealed in a post that he hid from Amber's account in order to protect the surprise that he was planning to take his wife to a fancy hotel for the weekend. Later on in the Instagram Story, Matt shared he had blindfolded Amber when leading her into the hotel—appropriate, given how the pair's romance started.


"Aww baby," Amber said upon seeing the hotel bed covered in rose petals. "Is this why you had me pack so many stinkin' outfits?"


While the pair may be celebrating their second anniversary, Amber isn't ruling out having another wedding, even bigger than their reality TV nuptials. 

"I would love to do another wedding," Amber told People in March. "There's no rush on it. We're married now, but at some point."