Why Love At First Sight Is Actually Realistic On The Bachelorette, According to Catherine Giudici

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Bachelor Nation's Catherine Giudici weighs in on Clare Crawley and Dale Moss love story, diversity within the franchise and more.

By Alli Rosenbloom Nov 18, 2020 12:30 AMTags
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Usually, on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, you date for eight weeks. But Bachelorette star Clare Crawley proclaimed she met her husband when Dale Moss stepped out of the limo on night one. And, just four episodes later, they were engaged. While some fans may be skeptical, Catherine Giudici—who met husband Sean Lowe on the franchise in 2014—begs to differ.

"It's such a unique situation because it's such a concentrated time," Catherine exclusively told E! News. "It's two weeks of no other thing but thinking about that person, so I get it. Sean and I were nine weeks in, probably, before we fell in love."

It certainly helped that Clare had the opportunity to check out her suitors ahead of filming, a Bachelor Nation first. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, production on season 16 was halted. All this after ABC had announced who would be competing for Clare's heart. So, naturally, Clare did what anyone else in her situation would do: Look everyone up on social media.

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"I think she was already starting to have feelings before she met him in person," Catherine said of Dale. "I think she knows what she wants. And Dale knew what he wanted and I just think it's a really cool love story. I wish them the best."

That's saying a lot coming from one of the most beloved members of Bachelor Nation today. Though it took Sean and Catherine a few weeks longer (and a pre-pandemic, much more conventional season) to really fall in love, Catherine, like Clare, had her eye on the prize well before she exited the limo on night one. 

"I watched him on Emily Maynard's season," Catherine admitted. "And the only reason I went on the show was because of him. I know Ari [Luyendyk] was being discussed as the Bachelor and Roberto [Martinez] I think was too. And if it wasn't Sean then I wouldn't have been interested."

ABC/Craig Sjodin, Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images

ABC has had to tackle much more than the pandemic this year. After coming under fire for its lack of diversity, The Bachelor announced Matt James as its first male Black lead in the franchise's nearly 20 year history. And, after Clare and Dale's early departure, Tayshia Adams began doling out roses, making her the second Black female star. Both are steps in the right direction in Catherine's eyes.

"I'm hoping that people of color and other Black people see the show and they say ‘I want to be on it,'" she said. "Now that there's a surge in diversity, I'm hoping that more people find their way into applying. It's nice to have people like Clare, who is attracted to other races. And Sean, I didn't think he would be attracted to other races so, shows what I know."

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After all, Sean and Catherine's journey ended in a happily ever after. The duo wed in 2014 and have since welcomed three kids: Samuel, 4, Isaiah, 2 and Mia, 11 months. Today, as they approach the holiday season, the couple are teaching their kids the importance of giving back through the Ivory Acts of Kindness initiative, which helps those in the elderly community who have been impacted by coronavirus.

"The pandemic has hit so many different communities and the elderly is such a big one that felt super isolated during this time," Catherine shared. "Samuel and I have been putting together these care packs that have a ton of different essentials."

For Catherine, it's also been a time to explain to her kids the devastating effects of the pandemic. "Samuel has been such a trooper with it all and understanding how the virus has affected different people," she said. "We've been so fortunate not to have had a super negative impact on our home life, so we're just taking that energy and that time to give back to a different community. So the Ivory care pack initiative has been such a great, great teachable moment and something that I want to enforce in our house on a regular basis."

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