A Dr. 90210 Patient With 4 Nipples "Just Wants to Feel Normal"

New patient Tyler turns to Dr. Cat Begovic on tonight's Dr. 90210 season finale for help getting rid of her two extra nipples. Watch her consultation below!

By Allison Crist Nov 16, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: New Mom Wants Her 2 Extra Nipples Removed

Three Four's a crowd. 

Tonight's season finale of Dr. 90210 is bittersweet: We'll definitely miss seeing the all-female team of plastic surgeons on our screens, but we're also extremely eager to watch Dr. Cat Begovic help change yet another one of her patients' lives for the better. 

This week, that patient is Tyler. She desperately needs Dr. Cat's help removing her two extra nipples—otherwise, she might take matters into her own hands!

"I have thought about taking some scissors and just going snip, snip; slapping a band-aid on it and hoping for the best," Tyler reveals.

She goes on to explain that one nipple is immediately below her left breast, and another on her right side in the middle of her abdomen. 

"My extra nipples are so embarrassing and so bothersome," Tyler expresses in a confessional. "And I just would really like for them to be gone...It's definitely a cause of insecurity all the time. I just want to feel normal." 

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At her consultation with Dr. Cat, Tyler continues to provide details about her extra nipples, including how she discovered what they were, since "a lot of people don't know, they just think it's a mole or something," Dr. Cat says.  

"One day I was on spring break with my sister and she just happened to be studying a part in her book because she was in nursing school at the time," Tyler recalls. "And she's like, 'Look! That's you! You have extra nipples like the picture.'"

Since this discovery, it turns out Tyler's extra nipples have actually grown in size. 

"I have a six-month-old daughter and when I was pregnant, because my abdomen was stretching and protruding, they spread and got darker," she tells Dr. Cat. "I could physically see my nipples just, like, sticking out now."


Tyler says she even asked her doctor if milk was going to come out of the extra nipples because she wasn't sure if they were "hooked up to anything." 

"Like, will I be able to choose which one I feed from?" Tyler remembers asking. "Thank god I was only able to use my regular two nipples."

After this confession, Dr. Cat makes one of her own: She used to have an extra nipple, too!

"I actually had one in my armpit," the plastic surgery pro says. "So you don't have to feel like you're a textbook case or anything. I literally never ever saw it until I got pregnant." 

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According to Dr. Cat, "Extra nipples are relatively common."

"I mean, we're mammals. And if you look at most mammals, they have a lot of nipples," she explains to the Dr. 90210 cameras. "And I remember when I told my mom that I had an extra nipple removed, she just told me, 'Oh my god, you have an extra nipple, you're like a cat for real!'"

Watch the complete sneak peek in the above clip, and don't miss tonight's season finale of Dr. 90210!