RHOP Preview: Ashley Darby Confronts Candiace Dillard Over Her "Very Hurtful" Past Actions

Watch an exclusive sneak-peek of Sunday's all-new The Real Housewives of Potomac below, in which Ashley Darby confronts Candiace Dillard for previously questioning her intentions to have kids.

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What's a Real Housewives trip without a dramatic dinner?

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac are still in Portugal on Sunday's all-new episode, and E! has an exclusive sneak peek that makes it clear Ashley Darby couldn't help but bring her baggage overseas. 

In the below clip—which, of course plays out at a nice sitdown dinner—the Potomac ladies are discussing the possibility of a "baby Bassett."

As fans of the Bravo show may recall, Candiace Dillard-Bassett has previously revealed that she's not sure she wants to have children with her husband Chris Bassett, who has three kids from a previous marriage. However, earlier this season on RHOP, Candiace began to seriously consider the possibility after taking a pregnancy test (which was negative). 

As the conversation continues, Robyn Dixon points out how "huge" it is that Candiace would be open to having children: "If she went all her adult life saying, 'I don't want kids. I'm not ready for kids,' and now she has space in her heart for a kid, that's so special."

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Gizelle Bryant then makes a remark that brings Ashley into the conversation, which seems to have struck a nerve. 

Then again, pregnancy is a bit of a sore subject between the two, as Candiace has, on multiple occasions in past seasons, questioned Ashley's intentions while trying to get pregnant with husband Michael Darby.

"Never would I ever say to you, 'You've always said you don't want to have kids,'" Ashley tells Candiace. "I just hope you see that someone doubting what you say and the authenticity of what you said is very hurtful."

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Candiace responds by acknowledging what she did, noting that "it's not healthy for me to put my s--t onto you."

"But you wouldn't give me an apology for s--t," Ashley fires back. "So while I'm trying to bury the hatchet, I still am taken back to hurtful things you said when I was going through a very trying time in my life."

Candiace starts to say that she doesn't want to go back and "rehash things," but Ashley continues: "It's incessant. And now I really wanna be there for you—I genuinely care about you and your motherhood journey—but I don't want to do it under false pretenses with you."

"I am holding onto some things!" Ashley adds, clearly frustrated.  

The other RHOP ladies begin to chime in at this point, with Karen Huger quietly commenting "Own it," after Ashley's latest remark, and Gizelle sticking up for Candiace.

"Can you at least appreciate that, Ashley? Can you appreciate that she's at least like, 'Look, look here. I now realize Ashley's Ashley, and she's different from me.'" Gizelle says.

Robyn tries to ask Ashley what she wants to get out of the conversation, to which she responds, "I'm not over it." 

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Ashley continues, "I want to be there for you but you violated me emotionally; the fact that you were questioning my intentions of having a child and I was trying to have a baby and I had a baby." 

"Okay, and you did and he's a beautiful baby and I'm happy for you," Candiace responds before Gizelle tries to once again reason with Ashley.

"But do you understand how you used to act before you had a baby?" Gizelle asks Ashley while pointing to Candiace. "Very similar! You used to act like this." 

Candiace doesn't understand what Gizelle is trying to say, but unfortunately, we don't get to see if she ever finds out, as the clip ends there!

Tune in to Sunday's all-new RHOP for some much-needed answers.

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