Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Secret to Overcoming ''Brutal'' Acne Struggles

In a new video for Vogue, Kendall Jenner said cutting this out of her diet helped transform her skin. Her secrets to a clear complexion are below.

By McKenna Aiello Nov 13, 2020 2:38 AMTags
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Got milk? Not Kendall Jenner

In a new video for Vogue, the supermodel discussed her years-long struggle with acne-prone skin and how she achieved a clear complexion for good. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's love of skincare was informed by her own experience with acne, which she said became an issue when she turned 14. "For me," Kendall described, "it's just something that was an obvious thing I felt I needed to get into, and seeing my own skin journey has taught me so much."

But even after nailing her product lineup, Kendall's breakouts remained persistent. "I was trying to figure out for so long why my skin was breaking out," she recalled. "Was it hormones? Was it what I'm eating? Am I allergic to something? Am I using the wrong products?"

The 25-year-old then considered how her diet might be impacting her skin's appearance. Kendall said she "decided to cut out dairy," but "not entirely," because she is human after all! 

"I love cheese so it's hard for me to cut out cheese," she admitted. 

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It's this tweak to her meals (plus drinking a ton of water) that "honestly helped me so much," she shared. 

"It's a blessing and a curse to grow up in the spotlight because it has not always been cute and I have not always known what to do or what the right makeup is," Kendall continued. "I've definitely had some not hot moments."

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These days, Kendall's confidence comes from within, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have such a dewy glow. 

"It's been so much better than it was before, but it was brutal for a moment," she said. 

Last year, Kendall became the face of Proactiv. At the time, the star credited the brand's products for successfully treating her "debilitating" skin issues

"It's something that I've dealt with since I was a young teen and has caused me to feel anxious, helpless and insecure," she described on social media in January 2019. "...Being insecure about my acne gave me thick skin but I wouldn't ever wish that feeling upon anyone so after trying countless options, I found something that has been helpful in maintaining clear skin for me. It's been a long journey but I'm excited for where my skin is now. I didn't think I'd see the day where I would feel confident posting a makeup free picture."

You can achieve Kendall's complete skincare and makeup routine by watching the video above. 

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