A Dr. 90210 Patient Is Determined to Get Rid of Her Hip Dips

Watch a sneak peek of Monday's all-new Dr. 90210 in which Dr. Kelly Killeen meets a woman who's fed up with her hip dips.

By Allison Crist Nov 13, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Hip Dips in Women Are More Common Than You Think

Dr. Kelly Killeen is about to have her latest patient saying "Hip, hip hooray!"

In this sneak peek of Monday's all-new Dr. 90210, the plastic surgery pro is introduced to a woman who's fed up with her "hip dips," a.k.a. the inward curves or indentions that some have below their waistline. 

"Not to sound sexist, but if I told a male doctor I want to look cute in jeans, he'd probably be like, 'Then go put some on,'" the patient explains in a confessional. "And it's like, bro, it's not that easy. I can't do that. But I feel like women would go, 'No, I get it.'"

Luckily, Dr. Killeen does get it. As the consultation begins, she immediately understands what her patient is referring to.

"In plastic surgery, we call that a zone of adherence," she says, pointing to the woman's hip dips. "So there's these different places on your body where the skin is more densely or tightly adherent to the muscle underline and there's less fat in those areas. So in general those areas can always cause a dip like this if you have an area above it with what's called lipodystrophy."

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Dr. Killeen points out that in general, "hip dips are very common." 

"Once you start looking around at people, especially like in yoga class when women are wearing yoga pants, you start to notice all this kinda stuff," she tells the Dr. 90210 cameras. "I see them all the time." 


The doctor explains to her patient that she's at a healthy weight, but to get rid of the hip dips, she'll perform liposuction, remove fatty tissue from the area and smooth the back of her love handles.

The second portion of the procedure will involve Dr. Killeen reinjecting some of the removed fat into the depressed areas. According to her, the result will be "a nice beautiful waist" and "a nice hourglass figure."

"I think the combination of both of those steps is going to lead to a nice smooth contour to your hips so that you can wear your pants and, you know, not be running around in skirts and a waist trainer for the rest of your life," she adds.

Her patient is over the moon with excitement.

"This lifelong gigantic problem that I cried over, that I struggled with, that my wardrobe is based on, it can be fixed," she says in a confessional. "I thought that this was just something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life."

Even better? Dr. Killeen recommends that the woman goes on a "high-ish carb diet for two weeks after surgery" for the best results. 

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As the patient put it, "So basically during recovery, I need to just like lay and lounge and eat carbs every 30 minutes?"

That certainly sounds good to us!