Watch: Follow Nikki & Brie Bella's Pregnancy Story on "Total Bellas"

"Our big bellies are back!"

Brie Bella made this declaration on the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast in reference to Thursday's season 6 premiere of Total Bellas, going on to detail what fans can expect to see on the new episodes of the E! show—namely, as Nikki Bella put it, "Brie and I's journey to having these boys, our little soul brothers."

The twins revealed they're most excited to watch themselves give birth: Brie to her and her husband Daniel Bryan's second child Buddy, and Nikki to her and her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev's first, Matteo.

"You're going to see Nicole have a vaginal birth, her push out Matteo," Brie explained. "And then you're going to see myself having a C-section."

Brie continued, "But I think the cool thing for everyone to see...Bryan and I, our reactions. 'Cause we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. So you're going to be able to see our reaction and just the whole experience. It's really neat."

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Nikki admitted that she's going to watch the episode in which she gives birth "a few times." 

"I'm gonna watch myself, but then I can't wait to watch Artem the whole time," she said on the podcast. "Like the whole time I'm in labor, I'm just going to stare. I feel kind of fortunate to have that and I can't wait."

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Nikki also revealed that she's excited to rewatch the role Brie and Bryan's daughter Birdie plays in the births. 

As she explained: "I'm not going to give it away because I have to find reasons to make you guys tune in, but when Birdie, how she was when I first got back from the hospital—I came back a day before Brie—how she was with Matteo..." 

"It was really cute," Brie added, noting "there's a lot of special moments this season."

Some are even between the Bellas' beaus!

"Because we're in quarantine, you're going to see Bryan and Artem together and their little side convos," Brie said acknowledging how the two have to put up with her and Nikki's "crazy" antics.

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Speaking of quarantine...that's yet another reason season 6 of Total Bellas is going to look a little different. 

"It's crazy because when the season was supposed to start to film, COVID had hit, so we got postponed two months," Nikki recalled. "Total Bellas was one of the only shows that started filming in the U.S. in the entertainment industry...we were in this bubble, crazy strict rules. We're all testing a few days a week. No one can leave the homes, we only filmed in the homes. There could be no glam, no stylist."

Nikki added that the latter—combined with the fact that early on, many clothing stores were shut down—led to her repeating quite a few outfits on camera.

"This is as I was growing majorly, so then we go to filming, I'm like oh my gosh I need to order some stuff online. I couldn't order anything," she said. "So you guys are going to see what I'm wearing the season—literally there are times I'm doing my green screens, and Brie made fun of me, I'm in a slip."

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The coronavirus pandemic also meant that the former WWE stars couldn't have a traditional baby shower with all of their family and friends, but they did end up throwing their own version of one.

"I think ours looked really beautiful even though it was socially distant and no more than 10 people," Brie said on the podcast, detailing other pandemic-modified things they did, like booking an appointment to shop in a baby store. "Like, all these different things that people aren't used to, you're going to see us living through. Which I think is really awesome."

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Throughout the season, there are, of course, some things Brie and Nikki are not looking forward to watching—including the latter's failed attempt to seduce Artem when she was still pregnant. 

"We talked about this on the podcast when it was happening, so you guys know this isn't new news…you're just now going to see it in action," Nikki reminded listeners. "You all remember when I was like, 'Can't a girl get laid?' and he was just so scared of my belly."

"But I was trying to seduce him and I think it's episode three—two or three—Artem and I do this sexy thing but for some reason, we both blindfolded each other," she continued. "And then all of a sudden we're like, wait. This isn't working. What's happening?"

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"And I'm like oh my gosh no, one person is supposed to be blindfolded," Nikki added, laughing. "How out of touch are we? I am so embarrassed for myself but it did make me cry-laugh, so you guys are going to get to see that."

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On a much more somber note, as Nikki pointed out, Total Bellas viewers will also watch as she and Brie find out that their mom, Kathy Colace, has a brain mass and needs emergency surgery.

"It was funny because a lot of the notes we got back when production and the network were watching was like, 'Are these real reactions of the girls?'" Nikki recalled. "And I think until you're in the moment, you don't know how you're going to react. So some people react with bawling, crying; some just go numb and go shocked. And that's how my sister and I reacted."

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All in all, it sounds like the new episodes are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Take it from Nikki: "The season's incredible...I'm just really excited to share this journey with everyone. And that I get to spread my legs open for the world!"

Don't miss the season 6 premiere of Total Bellas tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. on E!